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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for May 28, 2017


            At times I grow weary of the wretched words from the so-called religious leaders and political leaders that are espoused through the News Media.  It is my firm belief that the News Media, using the aforementioned leaders as instruments, hold back the development of the “race consciousness” … in other words the evolution of the souls of mankind.  So many people are influenced by untruths and hold onto primitive concepts regarding life, our Creator and morality.  It is always amazing to me when I discover the writings of spiritual teachers and authors that prove the Truth has been with us for centuries but that so many of the people of the world are unaware of it or perhaps just choose to ignore it for reasons unknown to me.  

The sages and prophets and philosophers who revealed the Truth to us in the ancient wisdom found in the Holy Books would be totally ignored in 2017 by the masses of people who cling to their gurus of politics or purveyors of religious nonsense.   We read in the Gospel of Luke 19:41
As Jesus approached Jerusalem and saw the city, He wept over it.”  Imagine if you will, how this Master Mind would feel today if He were to witness the blatant nonsense associated with His life and teachings.  His great mission was to teach the development of consciousness so that even a child could understand his words.  Yet, to find the children that understand this great Jewish Mystic’s words in 2017 would be rare … if found at all.  Religion has mesmerized them into accepting fantasies and fairytales instead and politicians who declare themselves as Christian yet proving to be anything but, have confused them beyond their understanding.

        “It is done unto you as you believe,” … believing is a mental capacity caused by thought, imagination and intuition.  All of these are of the Mind … the Mind, that is … the Intelligence, Power and Spirit of G-d AS Mind, weaving through the mind of mankind. 

          Let us think about these words written by Helen Wilmans:         
Self-generated thought is the vital fluid itself. It courses through a person's veins, and stimulates them to undreamed activities. But they need to draw it fresh from the fountain-head of their own organism each day. Therefore, we must at once turn our back on the beliefs of the present age--on all of them--for they are not ours. Even those among them which are truest are not properly related to us by the divine parentage of our own creative functions; and so we must let them go, and step clear from them all in absolute nakedness. We must then search our own organism (mind) for the well-spring of original thought, and bring it forth in which to clothe our self. For mankind is a mental being, and truth, in a thousand forms, is the Life Principle lying latent and made visible by our own recognition of it. This is the true method of mental growth--which is also "physical" growth--for as sure as the world turns on its axis, Walt Whitman was right when he said: "The soul is the body and the body is the soul." For a person is whole. Our so-called physical being is our mental being, and the ever progressive unfoldment of the mental will be the ever progressive unfoldment of the physical.
             Imagination lies at the base of desire, and is its mother. It is endlessly prolific; so much so, so stupendously suggestive of wonderful possibilities, that we are afraid to trust it. "It is too good to be true," we say, and, with the faint-heartedness of a fatal ignorance, we shut our eyes upon the glorious prospect it opens to us. And yet, to trust the desires born of imagination is the beginning of the creation of the new uses that alone will entitle the race to a permanent habitation upon the earth. In the creation of new uses will be found our own salvation. This alone is race growth … (the growth of the human race).”

        We must free our mind of any belief that does not pass the test of the Law of Life; that is, what one can do, all can do.  And the reason this is the Truth is because we can test it and prove it to be the Truth.  If anything crosses our mind that moves us to think otherwise, the thought is coming from the race consciousness, not our own … and we should reject it.  With little doubt I am sure most of us will find a multiplicity of ideas, concepts and so-called facts that we have “learned from the world” that we can loose from our mind.  And in this “displacing” the old with the new or with simply a mind devoid of confusion, we shall understand and realize to a greater degree the power of the Master Mind Jesus’ statement from the Gospel of Matthew 9:17
“Neither is new wine put into old wineskins.”

                Release and let go of all things that diminish you and let your Soul be magnified in the Intelligence and Power of the Living Spirit of G-d in which you live and move and have your being. 

         Some final words from Helen Wilmans:  All is good--all is Life. Let this truth take hold upon you; dwell upon it constantly; work over again every problem of your life by it. If the newspapers bring you constant reports of evil, hold fast to the fact in your mind that all is good, and be willing to wait until a riper knowledge makes clear to you why all is good. For, having received this wonderful truth, everything within you, and outside of you, adjusts itself in parallel lines with it, just as a great magnet placed among steel filings will compel every atom to adjust itself in conformity with its polarity.”

And so it is!

Rev. Henry Bates

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