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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for May 29, 2011 

                       "Holding to the fundamentals of our textbook, the Bible, and to the key-text of the Bible, the Lord's Prayer, we are to recall that the one Law of life is that it shall be "on earth as it is in heaven."  We realize that life should be, and in Truth actually is, an effortless song of Joy.  We are to accept the Heavenly Law on earth and repent of all else because the Kingdom is "at hand."
       We should avoid any and all world-habit temptation to bring labor, toil, and concern over into our Silent Work. ... Work, itself, is not toil.  It is that which we do joyously, as with the artist who does his work for the joy of doing it and for art's sake.
       Everything in life can be accomplished silently.  And it can be done with an effortless Knowing and Understanding.  We are to keep this song-lilt attitude as our ideal and aim, as the manner in which we do our Silent Work.
        Masterful living and doing is the great, all-inclusive art of living.  It is the acme of fine arts, the fine art of living.
         The result of doing a few moments of real Silent Work a day according to the Heavenly Law will not only show forth in actual demonstrations of Power in times of need, but will lift one's entire life to new levels.  We bring all things into our consciousness by the familiar but extraordinary powers of mind, and there subject them to the one harmonious Law.
- W. Frederic Keeler, Christian Victory Instruction

     In the study of this philosophy we have many textbooks, but I find it interesting that both W. Frederic Keeler and Thomas Troward both found the Bible to be one of the most important books to study for life mastery.  The Bible also includes the books of the Torah which have been studied and analyzed for centuries.  As we know it is not what spiritual books we read that develop our consciousness, but the "pearls of great price" that we find in the books that we read.  A single statement of Truth can spontaneously heal a lifetime of false belief and once registered as the truth in our consciousness, can create wonders in our life experiences.

     W. Frederick Keeler discovered that the one Law of Life is that it shall be "on earth as it is in heaven" and grasped the deeper meaning of this simple statement.  For us to have the awareness of what this simple statement of Truth  can accomplish for us, we must be willing to do the Silent Work that is necessary.  "Seek and ye shall find," stated the Master Mind Jesus, and so as we seek within our mind, what this statement holds for us, we shall find our answer.  But, first, let's remind ourselves that "the kingdom of heaven is within you."  And so we must find within our own mind, what "heaven" is to us.

     So many of us are so caught up in the activities of our daily lives that we don't take the time to really sit and contemplate what it is that would make our lives happier and more exciting.  Most people think that money will give them greater happiness and peace of mind, but money is an "effect" not a "cause" and so we must still find what it is that we choose as our heaven on earth.  This is not difficult if we follow the pattern of creative Law and begin with where we are.  Whatever we are experiencing is providing us with an opportunity to make a conscious choosing for something greater.  But, we must pay attention to what we are experiencing and accept it unconditionally, that is, without blaming anyone else for our conditions or feeling ashamed of the conditions that we find ourselves in.  Blame and shame are like iron-clad-shackles that bind us to the conditions that we no longer want and blind us to the opportunities and ideas that are available to us to increase and expand our good.

     Many of you may be thinking, "but, this is not new" ... and I would agree with you ... I am intentionally being repetitive in this message.  Yet, if we are to experience joy on our way to a wonderful life, we must loose the morbidity in our mind so that the joy of knowing that we are part of the Divine Abundance will inspire us to move-through whatever it is that we must move-through in our mind in order to transcend the conditions that diminish our happiness and peace of mind.  This is not new, but it is not put into daily practice often enough, otherwise, we would not find the level of frustration, anxiety and stress that we find in the world as evidenced by increased drug usage ... prescription, non-prescription and illegal.  Morbidity in the mind can be described as helplessness, hopelessness, blame, shame, competition, comparisons, and attitude that resonate with superiority or inferiority.  Even if we do not see these within ourselves we must remind ourselves that "what we see in others" is merely the out-picturing of what we see in ourselves ... perhaps it is a mere fragment of thought, but let's eliminate it by effortlessly meditating on and contemplating our "heaven on earth."

     Dr. Frank Richelieu writes in his book, "The Art Of Being Yourself":  "Life is forever offering you a beautiful opportunity to reach out and become something bigger and better, to express something more than you are expressing at this moment.  You need to let more of the splendor out. ... There are clues all around you, if you just become more aware of them.  Every time you feel blue, that is a clue.  Every time you feel sad, that is another clue.  Every time you feel worried and fearful, here you have other clues.  These clues are saying, "You are restricting and limiting your consciousness.  Get into the stream of life and beauty.  Uplift your consciousness today."


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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