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Weekly Message for Sunday, June 1, 2003

                     The City Of Angels Church of Religious Science is a 5,000 member church founded by Drs. O. C. and Robbie Smith.  It is a Mecca in the City of Los Angeles for all those who seek to be inspired, re-generated and filled with the Spirit and Love of God.  Although Dr. O. C. moved into the Great Invisible in November 2001, the Spirit and Soul of this man, the Greatest of modern day Metaphysicians, is alive and felt throughout this immense complex called the City Of Angels.  Dr. O. C. left a great woman, Dr. Robbie G. Smith, his beloved wife, to continue his legacy.  Dr. Robbie is very forthright in her admission that she administrates this great church under Divine Guidance.  She has a clear understanding of what a great work the Infinite has given her to do, a work, I am certain, she never dreamed she would be left to do without the Great Dr. O. C. at her side.   But, nonetheless, she has moved this great church forward with the help of those who understand the vision, including the incredible Dr. Frank Richelieu.  Dr. Frank Richelieu moved from retirement (Redondo Beach Church of Religious Science) to speak regularly at the City Of Angels, a church founded by his ex-students.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I was Divinely Guided and Directed to Dr. O. C. Smith and the City Of Angels Church of Religious Science.  The first time I sat in the magnificent sanctuary and listened to Dr. O. C. Smith, I could actually feel a physical release of stress and tension in my mind and body.  Even to this day as I listen to tapes of his services, my soul is up-lifted and I feel a greater connection to the Infinite.  You could "feel" Dr. O. C.'s voice even before you could hear it ... it was so powerfully strong from his soul.  This Great Teacher of Religious Science came to his audience every Sunday with an immense capacity for Love ... and everyone could feel his sincerity and authenticity.  He had no agenda except to teach the Principles of Religious Science to everyone that would listen so they could enhance their life experiences.  He did not look at who was poor, who was rich, who was white, black or whatever ... he loved everyone dearly and sincerely.

I met Dr. O. C. through my first teacher, Dr. Domenic A. Polifrone at a meeting of ministers.  I had little time at this meeting to talk with Dr. O. C. but I could see right away why Dr. Domenic had such high regard for him.  He was a powerful presence and I could feel his presence even in this brief meeting.  The next time I saw him was at a fund-raiser at Dr. Domenic's church and still, he was a distance away from me but I could feel his presence in the fairly large auditorium on Sunset Boulevard.  But, as there are no coincidences in Life, I met him again, at Dr. Domenic's hospital room in Hollywood when he came to visit.  After he greeted Dr. Domenic, he asked me to sit and pray with him for Dr. Domenic ... he immediately went into Silent Treatment ... sitting at least 8 feet across the room from me ... but I could feel his presence as if we were sitting side-by-side ... he was that powerful.  After the Treatment was completed, I knew in my mind that if I was ever in a position to seek another teacher of Religious Science, Dr. O. C. would be the one.  And as Life brings all things together for our Good ... he became my ministerial teacher, mentor and Great Inspiration.

           Sunday, June 22nd I will begin my day by presenting a Service at 9:00 a.m. in Palm Springs for the Palm Springs Church for Today ... and continue on to present a Service in San Fernando/Pacoima at 1:15 p.m. for the Light Of Truth SOM Center... and then ... I will realize a goal that I have had instilled in my heart since the first day I walked into the City Of Angels ...  I will present a Service at Drs. O. C. and Robbie Smith's City Of Angels Church of Religious Science at 6:00 p.m. ... accompanying me will be my good friends, Rev. Leon Bell, Rev. Laura Bean, Rev. Irene Danon and the incredibly talented Todd Hunter who is currently on tour with Dionne Warwick.  In Religious Science we teach ... "whatever the mind of man/woman can conceive ... he/she can achieve" ... and this Is the Truth!

 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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