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Sunday, June 3, 2001

"Life is either a daring adventure, or it is nothing."
  - Helen Keller
                      Dr. O. C. Smith, is not only my teacher, his demonstrations of the principles of Religious Science are evident to everyone who comes in contact with him.  He doesn't just "walk the talk," he embodies it in his heart and soul, so whenever he makes a suggestion, I take it.  During the 3-day holiday, he suggested that we, 1) attend a funeral service on Saturday, which I did, and 2)  spend a day at the beach, alone, and just write everything that comes to mind.

                      I went to Point Dume, just a little north of Malibu, California to Zuma Beach off the Pacific Coast Highway.  When I first sat on the beach it was drizzling rain and overcast.  As I sat in the stillness, I could see dolphins swimming and playing close to shore.  Sea gulls of various varieties were around me and flying overhead.  Other than the sounds of the sea gulls and the waves of the ocean, there were no other sounds around me.  As I looked out across the ocean, I understood why Dr. O. C. had made his suggestion.  It is impossible to visibly see where the ocean begins and where it ends from this vantage point.  The word "water" in the Bible means mind, so as we look out at the seeming infinity of the ocean, we connect with the One Infinite Mind.  As I sat and contemplated the seeming infinity of the ocean and observed its activity, it became apparent very quickly that Life is motion, energy and activity.  All Life is.  Nature is the perfect example of this.  If not for the activity and motion of the ocean, the water would become stale and stagnant.  The Life within it, the dolphins, fish, etc., would most probably die away.  Our lives are the same, without activity, without that spark of vitality and excitement, we become stagnant and stale.

The ocean looks infinite but of course it is not, it is but a spark of infinity, and each wave is but an attribute of the ocean.  This is our relationship to God.  We are connected to God as the wave is connected to the ocean.  Without the activity of the ocean, there is no wave.  Without the activity of God, there is no  life.
                     Later on during the day, I began to be surrounded by people, mostly families with children.  To the adults the break of the tides and the waves were predictable, but to the small children they were thrilling and exciting.  I watched as several small children ran to the edge of the water and then ran back as the tide moved in.  They were boisterous with delight in the "newness" of the experience.  It was a marvelous sight to behold and I couldn't help but laugh with them and feel their joy and vitality.  As adults we lose this excitement, this experience of "newness" as we allow our lives to become mundane and predictable.  We must seek "newness" every day, in our work, in our relationships and in our experiences.  There is always more to be experienced in everything.  People who have worked in the same field for years can still find something "new" in what they do.  There is always something "new" to be experienced in relationships, even ones that have lasted many years.  "Life is either a daring adventure, or it is nothing," stated Helen Keller.  This is so true.  As I observed the children at play in the water, this truth became even more apparent to me.  We must not allow ourselves to lose this sense of adventure.  We must seek it in all the things in our lives.  We must trust the Universe in which we live to provide more than what we see in everything, more than we have experienced previously.

Whether we go to the beach or to somewhere else where nature is evident to us, we should view that which we see as God.  We should think of God as a glorified Presence in all things - closer to us than Life itself.  And we should know that, as we come near enough, in thought, to this Presence,  we will enter into realizations, of the great and the good, beyond anything ever known before.  When we look more to God, and think more about the Infinite, we will enlarge and perfect our vision - our vision of the One who is Goodness and Life and Love.  As we begin to live our lives more fully trusting in this Love and Goodness we automatically begin to see more harmony, joy, peace and love in our experiences.
 And So It Is!           

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates