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The Way to a Wonderful Life


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RevBates.tv Global - The Way to a Wonderful Life Message, June 3, 2012 

           "The real basis of life is spiritual.  We each are a soul dwelling in eternity.  The real self is unseen, and the highest end for which it exists is spiritual.  Ideas stand before things.  Character is above possessions.  It is what we make out of life that avails.  The circumstance is only secondary.  It is perspective that reveals reality.  Perspective shows that there is compensation, justice, love, where there seemed to be unmitigated hardship, cruel injustice and hatred.  Oppressor and oppressed are both in the process of spiritual evolution.  This we must see clearly, or all will be darkness.  Everything depends on what we agree life is for.  If life were primarily for the flesh, there would indeed be reason to complain.  Since it is for the soul, there are sure to be mysteries for us as long as we try to square all things by the standards of the flesh." - Horatio W. Dresser, The Greatest Truth

"Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also me. In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you." - John 14:1-2, Gospel of John, The Holy Bible

In the words of Horatio Dresser we gain a greater understanding that we are spiritual beings having a human experience rather than humans having a spiritual experience, by our perspective.  And in the words of Jesus, we realize that there are many states of consciousness, or levels of "soul" awareness.  This is "deep" but, it is not difficult for us to understand as we contemplate the world in which we live.  Each day we are all confronted with differing states of consciousness; that is, people who are expressing the life of their soul in very starkly different ways.  The thoughts, beliefs and ideas that each person holds in their consciousness as true, contributes to the "collective consciousness" which we are all affected by to some degree.     

     Inclusive in this "collective consciousness" is not only the hate, but the apathy, that  we are seeing in the world which is "caused" by a lack of spiritual awareness and understanding.  Yet, there is also much success, inventiveness, creativity, love and sharing.  As Horatio Dresser reminds us, there are sure to be mysteries for us as long as we try to understand all things from the standards of the physical.  By judging only from what is evident in the physical, we have perhaps the harshest judgment we will ever realize, not only for others, but for ourselves as well.  This is why the Master Mind Jesus instructed us to "judge not" for He knew that our judgments, by and large, are based on physical acts and physical conditions rather than based on the awareness of the spiritual.

     It is a blessing to us that our consciousness can be changed quickly and sometimes spontaneously.  When we draw into our mind that which we want to experience and rise above the problems that we face or the mediocrity that we sense in our lives, our mind becomes receptive to the urgings of the Spirit for us to accept a greater measure of health, love, prosperity and success in our life experiences.  No one was born into this world believing that there is lack and limitation associated with human life ... no one ... but we have learned these things and they have bound us to many things that deny the good life that is ours to enjoy.  The ego part of mind is forever drawing comparisons and finding competition, while at the soul level of mind there is freedom in the spirit and an awareness of harmony and the availability of health, prosperity and success in all things. 

     It is up to the individual to choose the perspective of life that they draw from to make the choices and decisions that create their life experiences.  This forms the "cause" of all things that appear in our life.  The Master Mind Jesus was attempting to explain this in the words, "in my Father's house there are many mansions."  As we accept that His words were telling us that in the hereafter, as in the here and now, consciousness is everything, then we know we must "get the consciousness" of the thing that we seek to experience.  And, we get it in mind ... our mind, first.  The great truth that sets us free is our awareness and identification that we are a part of G-d.  And as we are receptive to accepting this not only on the "soul-level" but let it permeate our mind on all levels, we shall find a greater freedom to express the life abundant; abundant health, happiness, love, success and prosperity.

     Most of us have realized that the "drama" we have experienced in life is the result of "self-inflicted-nonsense" because we just wouldn't elevate our thinking above the level of the problem.  And yes, we have used a myriad of "excuses" as to why we have allowed "patterns of thought" that diminish our receptivity of a greater good or the solutions to our problems, but it all comes back to our very own consciousness.  If we are to be free of discord and drama, we must choose this freedom in consciousness above all else in our mind.  We cannot hope for the best, and keep the possibility of an impending trouble in our mind, if we are to be free of that which troubles us. "Let not your heart be troubled" ... and this means to realize that we must loose the anxieties and fears from our mind ... in whatever way we find to do so.

     Let us think about these words that Horatio Dresser wrote in "The Greatest Truth":  "In instances of seeming misfortune, whenever we have forebodings or fear that great troubles are about to come upon us, if we can but learn the folly of all our anxieties, all is well.  In many a case of illness, sorrow, and sin, if [we] could see but the truth of [our] real life, the truth would be the cure.  There are many things which we cannot yet know, much that is hidden from us.  But in general we know all that is essential.  Hence the power of Jesus' Gospel [Good News].  To see that the Kingdom of God is in truth an omnipresent system of goodness and love; to learn that we are [the offspring] of God; and that the eternal life of the spiritual world is ours now - this, if we really see its significance, is the great truth which sets all [of us] free."


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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