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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for June 5, 2016

             There are many examples in the Holy Books; the Bhagavad Gita, The Torah, The Holy Bible, that give us insight into the Reality that this infinite Intelligence, Power and Spirit that we have called G-d for lack of a better word, is a double-thread of Love and Law that sustains life and the universe in which we live.  When we read the Holy Books with an open and enlightened mind all that we read takes on a new meaning, a new spiritual awareness and a greater understanding of the Life Principle that creates, expands and sustains not only Itself but all that It has created here and in the hereafter.  It has been said that the Spirit never dies and in this we know that the Spirit that lives within all living things is also that eternal Life of our Creator. 

            One of the biggest failings of the "collective consciousness" is that the seeming powers of the world through religion and politics have held mankind to a unenlightened, primitive belief in the Presence of G-d, in the reality of Life in the Spirit and the nature of our relationship to this Life that we call G-d.  Many people have begun to think that by rejecting religion it is a natural next step to reject G-d.  Atheism is becoming more and more popular throughout the world; definitely not a majority but a movement nonetheless.  Do the Atheists reject "Science" and "Nature"?  Most would say they don't but fail to realize that G-d is Science and G-d is Nature.  G-d Is Intelligence and it is Intelligence that creates through Science and Nature.  In their rejection of religion and G-d they lose the ability to find just how incredibly powerful the human mind can be as it is consciously unified with the Presence of infinite Intelligence and Spirit.

          The American Mystic Ernest Holmes having studied the religions of the world and other spiritual revelations put in writing, drew from this body of knowledge a greater awareness of the teachings of the ancient mystics including the teachings of the Master Mind Jesus: 
"There is hidden within the mind of man a Divinity; there is incarnated in you and in me that which is an incarnation of God.  This Divine Sonship is not a projection of that which is unlike our nature, it is not a projection of the Divine into the human.  God cannot project Himself outside Himself; God can only express Himself within Himself.  There is and can be no such thing as a distinct or separate individual that would be separate from the Universe.
          An "individual" means something separate from something else.  Man is not an individual in God, for this would presuppose isolation and separation and disunion.  Man is an individualization of God.  "He that hath seen me hath seen the Father."  Unity permits of no division; the altar of God will not accept the gift made in the sense of isolation, of fear, or appeasement.  It is only the pure in heart, the childlike in mind, and the meek who can see Him.  There is no arrogance in spirituality, for intellectual arrogance is spiritual blindness.  The stupidity, the ignorance, the futility, and the little-ness of the intellect is a crime against the Spirit, a denial of that sublime Thing within us which waits to take flight to more of the complete, more of the perfect.
          What was it that Jesus proclaimed?  "I am the way, the truth, and the life:  no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."  He was not talking about Jesus, he was talking about you.  Jesus gave us back to ourselves.  How are you ever going to consciously reach God other than through your own nature?  There are no prophets other than the wise.  There is no God beyond Truth, and no revelation higher than the realization of the Divinity within us.  That whch the ages have failed to reveal, you and I must reveal; each to himself in the secret chamber of he own heart, the secret place of the Most High, where only and alone does one abide under the shadow of the Almighty.  This aloneness is not loneliness; is is the one all-inclusive, all-penetrating unity of everything that is.
        This was the claim that Jesus made upon the Universe, and we must do the same; identify ourselves with the same Presence, the same Person, and the same Principle.  The mind and the spirit cannot help but generate love.  Since we are one with all life, we wish to express and experience the most life we can - your life is my life, my life is your life.  I cannot leave you out and understand myself.  I am incomplete.  I am lame and blind and halt without inclusion.  Our littleness, the narrow vision of our spiritual perspective causes the horizon of God's boundless skies to press so close to us that we are suffocated by that which alone can give life.  We must reverse the process." 

             The truth is that the Atheist and the Fundamentalists of religion are both blind to the Truth of Life and G-d.  Neither can see beyond the human mind's perceptions to any great degree that unifies Life and Spirit and Intelligence and Power for all these are recognized within ... "the kingdom of G-d is within you" ... until and unless we begin to identify with the Presence  within us we will be no better off than the primitive man who also believed that Science and G-d were a separation rather than a Unity.  


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
through the experiences of evolution." -
Dr. Ernest Holmes


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