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Weekly Message To The Masses (June 6, 2004)         

         (Emmet Fox)  THE first step that the earnest student must take is to settle on a definite method of working, selecting whichever one seems to suit him/her best, and then giving it a fair trial.  That means that you must acquire a definite method or system of spiritual treatment or scientific prayer.  Merely reading books, making good resolutions, or talking plausibly about the thing will get you nowhere.  Get a definite method of working; practice it conscientiously every day; and stick to the method long enough to give it a fair chance.  You would not expect to play the violin after two or three attempts, or to drive a car without a little preliminary practice.

HAVING got your method, set to work definitely on some concrete problem in your own life, choosing preferably whichever is causing you the most trouble at the moment, or, better still, whatever it is that you are most afraid of.  Work at it steadily; and if nothing has happened, if no improvement at all shows itself within, say, a couple of weeks at the outside, then try it on another problem.  If you still get no result, then scrap that method and adopt a new one.  Remember, there is a way out; that is as certain as the rising of the sun.  The problem really is, not the getting rid of your difficulties, but the finding of your own best method for doing it.

IF ill health is your difficulty, do not rest until you have brought about at least one bodily healing.  There is no malady that has not been healed by someone at some time, and what others have done you can do, for God is Principle, and Principle changes not.

IF poverty is the trouble, go to work on that, and clear it up once and for all.  It can be done.  It has been done.  Others have done it, and you can.

IF you are unhappy, dissatisfied with your lot, or your surroundings, above all, with yourself, set to work on that; refuse to take no for an answer; and insist upon the happiness and satisfaction that are yours by Divine right.

IF your need is self-expression - artistic, literary, or otherwise - if your heart's desire is to attain to eminence in a profession, or some kind of public career, that, too, approached in the right spirit, is a legitimate and worthy object, and the right method of scientific prayer will bring you the prize.

KEEP a record of your results, and on no account be satisfied with anything less than success.  Above all things, avoid the deadly error of making excuses.  There are no excuses for failing to demonstrate.  When you do not demonstrate, it never by any chance means anything except that you have not worked in the right way.  Excuses are the true and veritable devil, who comes to tempt you to remain outside of the Kingdom of Heaven, while the Gate stands open.  Excuses, in fact, are the only enemy that you really need to fear.

FIND the method that suits you; cultivate simplicity - simplicity and spontaneity are the secret of effective prayer - work away steadily; keep your own counsel; and whatsoever ye shall ask in My name, that will I do ... and My name is I AM.

And So It Is!
Written by Emmet Fox, 1933 - LAST WEEK Part 1
Maximum Love,
Rev. Hank Bates

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