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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates 
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                   "John 14: 1... ye believe in God, believe also in me." - (KJV) Holy Bible

     "We are individual points in the Consciousness of God, or the original Creative Spirit of the Universe.  We are points where It thinks through us, as us, or, as we say, God as man in man is man. ... But the God that is in man is the same God that is Universal.  There is no wall of separation, no barrier, no place where one begins and the other leaves off.  All is One and One is All.  The creativity of thought is not dependent upon the thinker.  Only the choice of thinking is dependent on the thinker.  The creative activity of thought belongs to the Universe. ... If we had to make things happen, or push our thought out, or influence or dominate and beat down the opposition, we should be faced with an impossible task.  We never try to coerce anything in dealing with the laws of nature.  .... One of the things we must come to understand in dealing with the Laws of Spirit is that we are still operating in a realm of Law and Order."
- Ernest Holmes, Living the Science of Mind

It seems almost too incredible to most people that G-d thinks through us, yet if we look at the way in which ideas and communications are shared, we realize that there truly is only One Intelligence that permeates Life.  Humans communicate with each other even when we don't speak each other's language.  Humans communicate with animals and birds and other forms of life as well.  This is because this Intelligence that permeates all of Life makes this possible.  Even though humans communicate with all these forms of Life, most people only believe that certain saints, mystics and deities can communicate with the One that makes all this possible ... G-d.

     The Master Mind Jesus' communication with G-d gave us an open invitation to do the same.  We can all communicate with G-d, we just must be open to it and believe in ourselves.  As the Master Mind Jesus stated:  "you believe in God, believe also in me."  And he wasn't referring to himself personally but speaking to the universal "me" in all of us.  Now, most theologians will disagree with me, but like the architect of most of the New Testament, they too want to foster religion while the Radical Jesus was instead teaching us to "develop consciousness" and gain a greater understanding and awareness of our relationship to the Infinite.  Each of us can say, "I believe in me" ... and this will be the truth for us soon enough as we impress this upon our consciousness.  But, to say that someone who does not believe in Jesus cannot use the same spiritual laws that Jesus used would be nonsense.  These laws are available to All and to All alike.  "G-d is no respecter of persons" we can read in the Science of Mind and, as I often say, the Master Mind Jesus stated that "it rains on the good and the bad alike" ... the pious and the pagan.

     It does not take much study in metaphysics or the science of mind to understand what made Jesus so outstanding.  He believed in himself more than others and this belief in himself translated into a greater belief in G-d than others.  He accepted what he believed his purpose to be and never wavered in that which he was called to do to demonstrate it.  And this too, sets him apart from those of us who still are influenced by the race-mind.  Most importantly, Jesus rarely ever forgot that he was totally dependent on Principle ... that G-d is All-in-All; all Power, all Intelligence, all Presence.  We must always remember and never forget that those of "lesser faith than Jesus" authored the scriptures that detail his life experiences.  And, unless "the mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus" ... there is always going to be "interpretation" rather than "translation" ... and besides that, Jesus spoke Aramaic, a language that was foreign to those who wrote the scriptures, which provided an even greater opportunity to interpret rather than translate the words attributed to him.  I believe that when the Master Mind Jesus broke the Sabbath, it was a significant event that was evidence of his break with religion, and from that point on, to use a contemporary phrase, he was "spiritual but not religious."  He realized and identified with the truth that G-d's Love and Law is available to everyone ... and that means you and me ... and that these laws are universal.

Let's let these words ring true for ourselves as never before:  "I believe in me."  We must believe in ourselves.  We must believe in our ability to choose rightly, to be decisive, specific and definite.  In no other way can the Infinite respond to us affirmatively.  As we study the way in which Jesus demonstrated the Truth, we will find that he was always specific and definite.  He always knew the point at which he expected and believed that G-d would be revealed and realized, and we can do this too.  "You may know all things by a little persistence. Therefore, cultivate persistence. Get a good idea of what you can do and carry it out. Keep this word: "I am satisfied with myself," wrote the mystical Emma Curtis Hopkins

     Let us "identify" with the Power of G-d in our mind, just as the Master Mind Jesus did and in this "identification" let us know that G-d sees each of us in Its image and likeness ... so let us not only declare without doubting, "I believe in me" ... let's go even further and declare, "I am satisfied with myself!"


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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St. Francis of Assisi