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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for June 7, 2009 

                      "Faith is a transcendent principle, and through it we may overcome situations or change experiences more to our heart's desire. ... However, no man can have this kind of faith in himself with the idea that he stands out separate and apart from the universe.  He can have this kind of faith only, and in such degree, as he first realizes his unity with a Power greater than himself, a Power in which he has the freedom to move about and to exercise self-choice, but at the same time a Power which will never change Its nature to suit the whims of his fancy." - Dr. Ernest Holmes, A New Design For Living

This past April I had the great pleasure of attending my god-son's Bar Mitzvah in Bellevue, Washington, which is a suburb of Seattle.  Along with the Bar Mitzvah celebration, the Rabbi gave a lesson which included something that really stayed with me.   She said, "Often I will talk to people about religion and they will tell me they are spiritual but not religious."  And even though the rest of her lesson seemed quite good to me at the time, the words, "spiritual but not religious" were impressed on my mind.

     That is how I define this ministry:  spiritual, not religious.  Spirit is free, never limited, never bound ... and no matter how enlightened any religious teaching may be, it will still include limitations.  You can't be Christian without Jesus.  You can't be Buddhist without the Buddha.  You can't be Hindu without Krishna.  Yet, Jesus was not a Christian, Buddha was not a Buddhist and Krishna was not a Hindu.  Each were highly enlightened spirits who were so in tune with the Infinite, that no religion could fully define them or the Truth they were attempting to reveal to the masses.  After all, how can we limit the expression of the Infinite as it passes through the mind of an enlightened soul?  This is like stating that the Truth is limited, but Truth is part of the Life and Spirit of G-d ... it is infinite in Its expression ... infinitely individualized but never limited to an individual or to any singular form.  It is changeless, yet infinitely evolving through the mind of man.

     There is Truth in all legitimate religions, otherwise they could not be sustained.  But, "all of the Truth" exists in no religion or spiritual teaching, for all of the Truth has yet to be known.  How could the finite mind of man ever contain that which is infinite?  It is impossible.  We accept Truth by degree and we embody It by degree.  Jesus embodied Truth to a greater degree than the masses of people, for Truth known, is Truth demonstrated.  And this He did.  Yet, even He stated, "these things I do and greater things still shall you do," knowing that the Infinite cannot be limited.

     Dr. Holmes wrote in the 1926 Edition of "The Science of Mind":  "We hold no arguments over any form of theology.  We believe in any and every church and in all forms of worship.  Above all, we certainly believe in God.  But we will not allow any one to tell us how to worship God, nor compel us to worship in any way other than the way we choose. ... We reject the theory that Truth has been once and for all time given and that It cannot be added to nor taken from.  We know this to be true about the Truth; but we also know that no one, so far, has arrived at a complete understanding of Truth.  We expect more light all along the line, and we repudiate any belief that says that all truth has been given."

     We cannot feel separated and apart from G-d and realize the Power and Presence of G-d in our lives.  The Master Mind Jesus stated, "The Father and I are One" ... ONE, NOT TWO.  The same Intelligence that created Jesus, Buddha and Krishna, created us.  Each of these highly enlightened and intelligent teachers were using the same Mind, the Mind that Is G-d ... the same Mind that every one of us is using with every thought that we become conscious of.  We are all ... ONE with this Power and this Presence and this Intelligence that Is G-d.  Otherwise, we could not think or communicate with each other.  Only Intelligence can communicate, can reason, can respond and react, to Intelligence.

     The nature of G-d is infinite.  G-d cannot be limited to a specific religion any more than G-d could be limited to a specific place, a specific time, or a specific book.  G-d is All, everywhere Present; Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient.  Our religion or spiritual teaching may be where we begin our search for more of G-d in our lives, but it cannot be where we stop.  When we seek G-d, we are seeking the Infinite and absolutely nothing in this world can prevent us from finding as much of G-d as we desire.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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