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Weekly Message for Sunday, June 8, 2003

                     If is my firm belief that most of what we will learn in this Life will be learned from people, and many of the lessons that we are to learn from people will at first, seem challenging.  But, it doesn't have to be challenging if we understand consciousness.  God Is All There Is, and All Of God There Is in our individual lives ... is in our Consciousness.  In other words, every person, place and thing in our experience was attracted to, entered, created and made visible through our consciousness.  This is the Truth, always has been the Truth and always will be the Truth.

Now ... we can dispute this and say, "I didn't want that so-and-so in my life," but that will never be the Truth.  No matter what anyone may seemingly appear to be, to be doing or how they may affect us ... THEY ARE VERY NECESSARY ... for us to experience.  The Infinite Spirit, God, that expresses Its Life through us and as us ... will have Its experience whether we want to or not ... for it is that Spirit of God that will continue to DEMAND THAT WE LOVE THIS LIFE AND ALL THINGS IN IT ... including the experiences  and the people that we would just as soon send to another planet on a one-way ticket.  The more we "resist" the experience or the person,  the more we fight it/them or deny it/them ... the more important it becomes that we LOVE IT/THEM.

I studied with Dr. Domenic A. Polifrone for over three years and I began my ministerial studies with him, and from him I have learned some of my greatest lessons about consciousness in regards to human relationships.  Dr. Domenic demonstrated many people in his life and I am so fascinated at how diverse they are ... rich people, poor people, successful people and people with little success, people rich in spirit, people poor in spirit, people filled with fear and people filled with confidence, trustworthy people and people who trust no one.  Dr. Domenic's friends, acquaintances, assistant ministers and congregations stretched across the spectrum of human personalities.  I am amazed at how he handled such great diversity ... but on a spiritual level ... I understand completely.

In Religious Science we learn to "depend on Principle, not person, place or thing."  And this is the way to demonstrate greater peace, happiness and harmony in our experiences.  The lesson here is that if we remained focused on Principle ... the people, places and things will take care of themselves.  I personally witnessed Dr. Domenic using this Principle and it demonstrated for him magnificently on more than one occasion involving both people and things.  

So many of us want to "fight" our consciousness ... deny Its own creations ... but fighting and denials will not change anything ... the only thing that can change anything in our experience is a "change in consciousness."  So here is our answer ... and the change must be ... to grow and expand the amount of Love in our consciousness... the greater our capacity to Love ... the more of Love we will see manifest in our experiences ... now this Love may appear to be greater prosperity ... greater health ... more harmonious working conditions ... more friendships ... and even more loving companionship ... but without raising our conscious awareness of the Power Of Love ... we will live a life of stagnation and frustration ... with little progress in our spiritual life ... we may go two steps forward into success and prosperity ... but we will surely end up three steps back.

        Dr. Ernest Holmes coined the statement, "Love points the Way .. and Law makes the Way possible."  Perhaps the reason Dr. Holmes statement is misunderstood by so many is that they have not taken the time to truly understand Principle ... and the Principle is, "Depend on Love (Principle) ... not persons, places or things."  Love Is the Power ... Love Is God ... Love Is Always Present for God Is Always Present ... Love will always find the Loving Way to create everything we can imagine.  "Love points the Way and Love makes the Way possible," Love and Law ... they are the same thing ... and if you don't understand how to demonstrate this in your life experiences ... ask Dr. Domenic ... he will tell you how! 

 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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