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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, June 9, 2013 

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       "The disciple John tells us that Jesus said that God is Spirit and Job said that there is a spirit in man and an inspiration, the understanding of which gives him freedom.  Jesus, in utmost simplicity, proclaimed in the ecstasy of his illumination, "I and the Father are one."  What do you suppose would happen if you believed this, not as a mere intellectual concept, but with a deep inward feeling and an expanding sense of its meaning?  Would you not sell all that you possess for this single pearl of utmost worth, this drop of water taken from the ocean of being, this mountain top of revelation?  If the wisest man who ever lived proclaimed this truth, should not you accept it, simply, directly, sincerely? ... Perhaps this seems too good to be true, and yet, all nature is a living example, a continuous reminder, that there is a Spirit animating everything, a Presence defused, a Law governing, a Unity sustaining, a coordinating Will binding all together, a unifying Principle holding everything in place." - Ernest Holmes, This Thing Called You 

"The things, which are impossible with men, are possible with G-d." [Luke 18:27]  ... This text shows how to do an “impossible” thing. Size up your problem, pray about it, do all you can about it. If it seems impossible, don’t give up, but affirm, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”  Keep relaxed. Don’t worry. Avoid getting panicky.  Never think, “This can’t be done.” Declare, “It can be done, it is being done because God is doing it through me.” Affirm that the process is in operation. The final outcome may not be entirely what you now desire. But, handled in this manner, the solution will be what God wants it to be." - Norman Vincent Peale, Thought Conditioners 

 During the past few years or so there has been an evolving understanding of the power of affirmations.  Dr. Ernest Holmes and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale both instructed us to "affirm" that which we desired to be the truth about us.  Affirmations are found throughout the Torah and the Holy Bible, both the Old Testament, the Gospels and the New Testament.  The Master Mind Jesus gave us some of the most powerful affirmations, going beyond those affirmations found in the Books of Psalms, Proverbs.  The Book of Isaiah, is filled with affirmations.  Teachers like Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer, Dr. Joseph Murphy, Charles Fillmore, Neville and Reverend Ike, have instructed us to use affirmations for just about anything that we seek to manifest in our life.

     From ancient wisdom we learn that "G-d doesn't change conditions ... G-d changes people and people change conditions."  And from this we know that we must learn to "condition" our mind to "displace" those old thought patterns which have caused us to find ourselves in conditions and circumstances that we don't want.  In order to do this we must realize what a "thought pattern" is.  Thought patterns are repetitive thoughts and feelings that are repetitive of which we are consciously or unconsciously thinking and feeling.  If we are conscious of them then we are not surprised by the results that we see in our experience; i.e. thinking about a promotion at work should not bring any feeling of surprise when the promotion becomes a fact.  If we are unconscious of them then we may be surprised or even overwhelmed when they manifest in our experience; i.e. the thoughts and ideas that we hold about others affects our own experience even though we may not have the awareness that they do.  When the "effects" of our unconscious thoughts and feelings "show up" our only way to "change the effects" is to "displace" the unconscious thoughts and feelings that "caused" them and to consciously think and feel thoughts and feelings that "displace' them.  And we do this by being specific and intelligent in the forming of the affirmations that infuse the thoughts and feelings with positive, life-affirming energy.  

      Just as gravity responds to us in the physical and electricity must be understood intelligently in order to make use of it in constructive and beneficial ways, we must realize that G-d, Infinite Spirit, Power and Intelligence, makes available to us the way in which to make use of the spirit, power and intelligence that will give us the response that we want ... and we do this with the power of faith aligned with the nature of G-d which is always universal and always for the good for everybody.  Emerson stated that G-d does not respond to "selfish prayers" and this is true ... our affirmations and prayers must contain within them the absence of any thoughts or feelings about competition or seeking something that is not ours to claim.  An affirmation must be believable in order to be effective.  Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Dr. Robert Schuller both brought forth the idea of being "possibility thinkers" ... as our believing that something is possible, can generate the faith to make it so for us.  

     We must think about what it is that we can believe to be true for us ... or at least possible for us, before we begin to affirm that it is.  Here are some examples of effective affirmations, that if believed to be true, can cause good things to become a part of our experience of life:
    - Today I realize that my good [name it] is at hand and I accept this good with gratitude now.
    - I accept a greater experience of joy and happiness today in my work and my relationships.
    - My body is saturated with the essence of Life and I am radiant with excellent health.
    - I enjoy life and I love the living of it.
    - I am friendly and cooperative and everyone is friendly and cooperative with me.
    - I think success and I enjoy success in all that I do.
    - I accept only the good and I expect only the good today and everyday.
    - I affirm that I always have enough money to share and to spare.
    - Today I affirm that I have the faith to make my best, better.
    - Today I live in faith, see with faith and speak only those words that affirm my faith in the good that is available to me and everyone.
    - My faith creates within me the confidence and positive hope that opens my mind to accept the greater success and prosperity that is mine to enjoy.
    - Any thought or feeling within me of a negative nature is displaced with the feelings and thoughts that affirm that good and only good is mine, now.
     Now, let us read an expansion of affirmation in the form of a spiritually rich prayer:        "I have a calm, inward conviction of my union with good, my oneness with God.  I have a deep realization that I am surrounded by an infinite Law which receives the impress of my thought and acts creatively upon it.  I am conscious of my ability to use this Law, to direct it for specific purposes, for myself and others.  There is nothing in me that can deny, limit, obstruct, divert or in any way hinder my use of this Law.  There is no argument, no belief, no superstition, no doubt that can cast any shadow of unbelief across my mind.  I realize that this Law exists and I am conscious that I know how to use It." - Ernest Holmes, This Thing Called You

    As we know that "G-d responds to us, by corresponding to that which we believe to be true about us," we can begin to "believe" in receiving more and more good, an ever-increasing good, by beginning to affirm that it is true for us.  Perhaps at first we won't believe what we affirm, but as we continue with persistence and faith, we shall experience the Law of G-d as the good results of our affirmations and prayers.  Let's not "repeat" the same affirmation day after day, but let our consciousness bring to our awareness a new affirmation for each new day and create thought patterns that condition our mind to accept only the good, only the best that we can accept for ourselves.  If we affirm something similar to "I rejoice and give thanks for the best of times and the best of everything" ... then our mind will begin to bring to our awareness the right and perfect words to affirm that will draw to us the specific good that we require to make this the absolute truth for us.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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