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RevBates.tv Global - The Way to a Wonderful Life Message, June 10, 2012 

           "Thou shalt decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee."  It is not a strong will that sends the subjective word on its mission so much as it is clear thinking and feeling the truth of the state affirmed.  When belief and will are in conflict, belief invariably wins.  "Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts."  It is not what you want that you attract; you attract what you believe to be true.  ... "If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.  Therefore, I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye have received them, and ye shall have them."  The acceptance of the end wills the means.  And the wisest reflection could not devise more effective means than those which are willed by the acceptance of the end." - Neville, Prayer, The Art Of Believing

In my work in spiritual counseling, I invariably remind myself that none of us came into this world believing in lack and limitation, failure or struggle.  These are the things that we have learned in the world in which we live.  Now, some of these things that we have learned have been taught to us by people with the best of intentions, but this is where we have learned them nonetheless and this is where we must un-learn them for lack of a better word.  The knowledge of the world and the truth are too often in direct opposition to each other and both affect our health, our peace of mind, our level of success and prosperity, happiness and joy.  

     In legitimate spiritual scriptures throughout history, we find people who have revealed to us that the Spirit that moves through all our minds, is seeking to tell us there is a better way for us to think and believe.  The Master Mind Jesus gave us insight into this when he declared, "you are the light of the world" ... and if we believe what He is telling us, then we must also believe that we are so much more than mere mortals, but the off-spring of our Creator; Spirit, Life, Intelligence.  And in this realization, we can begin to understand in a greater way the mystical statement, "to be 'in the world, but not of it" ... is to be free from blind ambition, greed, intellectual pride, blind obedience to custom, or awe of persons higher in rank."  All of these take us unconsciously out of the Spirit, in our mind, which is always free and receptive to the new "light" or realization that G-d seeks to reveal to us ... and this may be a thought, an idea, a solution, or an answer that is necessary for us to know or to have.

     Neville gives us some food for thought when he writes:
"it is not what you want that you attract; you attract what you believe to be true" ... and this is where we must stop ourselves and ask; are we believing the "facts" to be that which is true about our situation, condition, etc?  This is a stumbling block for many people as so often the "facts" can be very demanding of our attention.  Yet, the Master Mind Jesus told us, emphatically, "judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment ... and so the next question is; what is the "righteous judgment" that we want to be true? ... and can we believe it is true?  And this where we must look to that part of G-d that is Intelligence in order to have the realization of truth that we seek.  Is it intelligent to think that our Creator has brought us into this world to suffer?  Jesus didn't think so ... in the Lord's Prayer, He says, "give us this day our daily bread" ... and this "bread" symbolizes all that makes life worth living.  And of course there are those who will disagree with this and say it means that only our "needs" are met ... but G-d is not "stingy" as is so evident in the universe in which we live.  So, let's not be stingy with ourselves and believe for the abundant life. 

     We have been mesmerized by the world's collective belief in "separation" ... and it is the very thing that we must overcome in our mind if we are to live without discord in our lives.  Politics, religion, psychology and science all support this separation ... and we have allowed them to mesmerize us into accepting something as true, which is false.  The solution is so very simple, but because of its inherent simplicity, the collective consciousness dismisses it.  And the solution is the very simple, yet profound instruction of the Master Mind Jesus to "love G-d with all our heart, with all our mind and with all our soul" and EQUALLY IMPORTANT, He said, "to love our neighbor, as our self."  To love G-d we must also love the Divine spark of G-d in every living thing.  In our failure to love G-d and the Good as part of a living faith, we have given up our heaven right here on earth, and created a separation not only from G-d and from each other, but from the very good that we desire to experience.  We live in a world of our own creation because we have painted the canvass of life with all that we hold to be true ... and this is true in our own personal experience as well.

     This statement came to my attention this week:  "A wise man learns from his mistakes.  A wiser man learns from the mistakes of others." It is believed to be a Zen Proverb.  In this simple wisdom, we have the opportunity to see what the consequences of our decisions and choices may be without having to personally experience them.  And in this we can realize that even so called "mistakes" contain an opportunity for the realization of something good.  In truth, "there are no mistakes" in the ultimate Reality.   But, we don't always immediately realize that this is true and so we go through the nonsense. 

     And so we go back to those 2 Greatest of Commandments that Jesus gave us and realize that it makes entirely no sense at all to not love our neighbor as our self as this is one of the greatest of mistakes the world has made.  In not loving our neighbor, we have denied the Omnipresence of G-d ... the part of G-d within every one of us.  And this has created chaos throughout history ... and the chaos continues.  We have been given an infinite capacity to love and to be loved ... to prosper ourselves and others ... and to bless this world that G-d has created for us.  But, we have let the noise and the nonsense of the world overwhelm us and blind us to G-d in the midst of us ... G-d in our neighbor ... G-d in every living thing.  We have the capacity within us to change every aspect of our life ... and all we must do is love more than we have ever loved before!


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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