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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for June 14, 2009 

                      "In Job 22:28, we read these words, "Thou shalt also decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee."  Sometimes we feel that we ourselves are doing the creating in our lives, but in truth something greater than ourselves does the creating.  We only provide the pattern.  What this quotation is telling us is that within us we have the key to the kind of life we want to live.  It is telling us that what we desire with all our hearts and minds will come to pass, if we believe it will.  We need to picture and feel the fulfillment of our desire so that which we decree will be accomplished through us. ... Job knew that what a man or a woman decrees will come to pass in his or her life.  And it is important that you prove to yourself there is a response from an infinite Intelligence to your beliefs and your desires." - Dr. Frank E. Richelieu, The Art Of Being Yourself

It is important that we always remember and never forget that everything that happens in our  lives gains entrance through our mind.  This is true of our joy and our sadness ... true of our health and also our illnesses.  It is true for all things and for everyone.  Are we responsible then for our sadness, our struggles with money, or our illnesses?  We cannot be responsible for something that we are unaware of ... and to say that we are, only sets us up for feelings of shame and blame.  Both of which will only hold us bound to the negatives that we want to transcend.   A great mystic stated, "we are ignorant until the moment of enlightenment" ... and he wasn't saying this in a negative way ... he was just saying that we "didn't know."  And had we known that our thoughts created our experiences, we would not have let them enter into our minds.  And we definitely would not have allowed them to become patterns of thought in our minds.

     "Thou shalt also decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee," is as true today as when it was written in the ancient scriptures.  This "decree" takes place in our mind, in our thoughts.  But the good news is ... in the moment we realize that our thoughts have consequences ... perhaps negative ones ... we can decree something new, something good and powerful and wonderful instead.  And that which is most appealing to us ... that is, that which is embraced with conviction, eliminates that which is unlike it.

     The great Dr. O. C. Smith often cautioned his students and congregation against dwelling on the negatives.  "Some people," he would say, "are as serious as bad breath."  We must lighten up and let go of anything that weighs on our spirit.  We can't be "lifted up" while our spirit is heavy, doubtful, and filled with negatives.  Whatever it is that we have experienced ... we must put it behind us.  We must eliminate everything from our thoughts that does not speak to our Good.  And we must eliminate everything from our thoughts about others that does not speak to the Good.  And, I know I am repeating this ... and I will probably repeat it again and again.  We "reap what we sow" ... and what we sow every day of our lives are "thoughts" into the field of Creation which is Mind.

     So often I hear, "I made a big mistake ... what was I thinking?" with various words and explanations following.  But, in the Spirit, no mistakes are made and none can be made ... for everything works to our Good.  And this is why we must never concern ourselves with mistakes or problems.  As we turn to the Good, to that which we want and away from that which we do not, our seeming mistakes and problems fade away for there is no power to sustain them.  But ... but ... some will say, "what was I thinking?"  All we must do is look at the evidence of our thoughts; if we are struggling with financial issues, we have entertained thoughts of struggle and lack concerning ourselves or someone else.  The same is true for any condition or circumstance we find ourselves in.  "Whatever we name it ... we claim it."  This is a simplistic statement, but a true one.  It is the same as "Thou shalt decree a thing .."

     So, what was I thinking?  I was thinking of prosperity for you and for me.  For joy and happiness every day and every moment of our lives.  I was thinking that the world we live in is a beautiful and wondrous place.  I was thinking that both you and I are so filled with enthusiasm and a great love for life and all that it has for us.  I was thinking that today, is the day that we begin to live the dreams and aspirations that fill our mind and our thoughts.  I was thinking how glorious it is to love and be loved. I was thinking that in this very moment, we are releasing what was ... for what is ... and being very glad to do so.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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