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Weekly Message for Sunday, June 15, 2003

                     This ministry reaches a global audience.  I receive prayer requests and requests for help from all across the world from people I will probably never meet but at the same time, people that I know very well.  How can this be true?  It is true because we are all One ... we all have a mind, a body and a spirit ... and this Spirit connects All of us.  In the Spirit, we are All living to the measure of Love, Peace, Harmony, Joy, Happiness, Strength and Light that we have learned to "realize" in our lives.  Now, I am not writing that we are the same ... we are All One ... but different.  And this difference is what connects a practitioner and a client ... the client is seeking that which the practitioner has a greater measure of ... whether it be Love, Peace, Harmony, Joy, Happiness, Strength or Light.  All of which are the Qualities Of God expressing through us ... the Infinite One individualizing Itself "as" us.

An honest practitioner will always know what it is that must be "re-enforced" within themselves by the nature of the requests for prayer or help.  If I receive requests for health ... then I have either over-come a health issue or I am going to prevent a health issue from manifesting in my experience by working on a health issue for the client.  Same thing goes for finances, relationships, fear, depression, whatever ... if the request comes to me .. it is mine to handle within myself first ... and then the client receives the blessing of the work.  If I don't handle it within my very own consciousness ... then both the client and I are going to have the experience or a delay in healing the condition.  But, if the practitioner is honest and practices their practice ... and the client cooperates this is not necessary.  A Divine Agreement is made and the healing begins Its unfoldment.

            The two predominant issues I work with are Love and Money.  We can't have too much Love and we can't have too much Money, so I will probably always deal with these two issues.  In Truth they both come down to Harmony ...  are we in Harmony with our desires for Love and our requirements for Money?  Most of us aren't most of the time... and most of this has to do with the on-going living of Life.  As soon as we reach one goal... we have another... and then another still... and most of our goals require either Love or Money.

Most of the requests I get that involve Money are self-esteem issues; not enough translates into not feeling "good enough" and so along with the feelings come fear, shame, embarrassment, and guilt.  The not "good enough" comes from our past experiences with lack and financial restriction ... fear comes from thinking about what "will happen" or "can happen" to us if we don't have a certain amount of money.  Shame, embarrassment and guilt can come from the level of responsibility we take for our money troubles.  As we heal these feelings ... the money issues lessen and we begin our movement into prosperity and greater abundance.  But we have to cooperate ... as the Master Mind Jesus stated, "he/she who has little will have even less ... and he who has much will have even greater still."  In other words, we have to cooperate by being grateful for what we have and "believing" in the Law of Increase ... no matter how seemingly little we may have ... God, Infinite Supply ... can increase it .. if we get our poverty thoughts out of the way and "let" the Good unfold.

Love issues usually involve other people and this can get complicated.  When someone sends me a prayer request to bring them back together with someone who has left them ... they aren't always open to my suggestions.  Love is a "sticky" issue for most of us.  Love issues have all the same "feelings" that money issues have ... but for most of us ... they are amplified tremendously.  Love issues darken our hearts with all manner of feelings that many people cannot even explain.  But the solution is simple ... not necessarily easy ... but simple.  All the Love we will ever need ... is within us ... ALL THE LOVE WE WILL EVER NEED IS WITHIN US ... and what we see and experience outside of us is the measure of Love within us.  This is why the Radical Rabbi stated that there are only two commandments, "Love God and Love Your Neighbor As Yourself."  In other words, LOVE WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE ... AT ALL TIMES.  Do not let the conditions, experiences and people outside of us define the measure of Love we have for ourselves and God.  IF YOU CAN'T BE WITH THE ONE YOU LOVE ... LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH ... YOU!

 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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