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Weekly Message for Sunday, June 16, 2002                                          

"Fear is the child of an undeveloped consciousness."
Rev. Dr. O. C. Smith, Founding Minister,
City of Angels Church of Religious Science

                    Love and Fear cannot dwell together.  If we want to remain healthy, vigorous, and strong, we have to realize that there is but One Power, indivisible, and Its source is Love.  This Power has no opposition.  It is the Omnipotent Life Principle that has overcome every opposition in this world and It goes on conquering and is forever victorious.  As we realize our One-ness with this God-Power, and keep our mind "stayed on Thee" or the Good, we are Divinely protected, sustained and maintained by It.  

Fear thoughts, worry thoughts, negative thoughts of any kind will not hurt us, unless we entertain them for a long period of time and emotionalize them deeply; otherwise, they will not hurt us in the slightest.  They are a potential for trouble for us, but as yet they are not actualized.  Our fears cannot be actualized unless we emotionalize them, thereby impressing our subconscious mind, and whatever is impressed in the subconscious mind will come to pass.

             Fear is an aggressive, domineering thought or idea that acts like a gangster in our mind.  It recalls our defeats and disappointments and creates within us a fear of the same results happening all over again.  Fear is a shadow of the mind held by ignorance and darkness.  When we hold up our fear to the light of reason and intelligence, it cannot stand the light, and it disappears.  We must master our fears, our worries and our doubts.

            Our state of mind is our master.  Our faith in God is greater than our fear.  Fear is faith upside down. In short, fear is faith in the wrong thing!   We must not fight fear, instead we must meet it in our consciousness with a direct affirmation of God's Presence and Power in our Life at all times.  Truly, God is our All-in-All, so there can be no place for fear.  When our knees are shaking or we have that sick-feeling in our stomach, we can overcome our fear by realizing that God cannot be afraid, and we are One with God.  We cannot fight fear with fear but we can affirm its nothing-ness with an affirmation such as, "God is the only Presence and the only Power, and there is nothing to fear."  The Master Mind Jesus declared, "resist not evil," knowing that what we resist, persists!

            We must give up our false beliefs, opinions, and theories and exchange them for the truth which sets us free.  We are not a victim of our five senses; neither are we controlled by external conditions or our environment.  We can change conditions by changing our mental attitude.  Our thoughts and feelings create our destiny and determine our experience.  Therefore, we cannot blame others for our misery, pain, or failure - that would make us double-minded and in confusion.  The truth is that our thought is creative; our habitual thinking becomes our abundance or our poverty, our loving companionship or our loneliness.

No one can serve two masters.  We cannot expect to realize the dreams of our hearts, if we believe that there is a power which can steal the dream away.  This creates a conflict in our consciousness, and our mind is divided.  A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways (women too!).  He/she stands still and he/she gets nowhere.  Our mind must move as a unity.  Infinity cannot be divided or multiplied.  The Infinite must be One - a unity.  There cannot be two Infinities.  If that were true we would have chaos instead of a cosmos.  Unity of Spirit is a necessity for our Dreams to come true! 
[Most of the above is paraphrased from Dr. Joseph Murphy's "The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind Power"]

 And So It Is! 

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates