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Rev. Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (June 18, 2006)      

               "I live and love in God's peculiar light." - Michelangelo

Many people have a good theory about this (Principles of Spiritual Science), telling how surely their faith is very great, and the thrills of spiritual influx make them sure of great power.  But they cannot heal themselves; their troubles in life are fearful.  They talk in one breath of how great their faith in this principle is, and in the next breath of how much they suffer.
     Truth is a silent principle.  It never shows till it is spoken.  "Acknowledge me in all thy ways."
      Truth is Peace itself.  They who suffer are not in peace; then they have not spoken Truth.  We desire peace.  The desire is a promise (promissum), that we may have peace by saying that we have it already.
      Some object that it seems as if they are telling a lie, by saying they are not in pain or trouble, when they are in agony and groaning.
       Jesus of Nazareth did exactly that.  When He was on the cross, not yet dead in the flesh, according to belief, He said "It is finished."  He did not prove that His necessity for going through torture was past until He said it was past or finished.
      "The word was God - and without Him was not anything made that was made."  That is, nothing is proved until the word about it was spoken.  Nothing shows up, or out, or forth, till we speak the word with authority, that it is so.
      If you are desolate or lonely, or desire reconciliation with loved ones, the desire is a promise that there is love and companionship awaiting you.  Love is still Principle, invisible; speak it into outward showing.  In this still, invisible Presence is everything you desire; say understandingly that it is already received by you.  The time of its coming will be slow or quick according to your understanding; never mind the time of your answer.
     Stick to the word of Truth; talk about it as already here, although no one may see it.  "You shall receive."  It is the law of the externalizing power of the word.  You may speak it silently or audibly.  If you speak it audibly, people may think you are mad or foolish.  It is better to speak these things in the silence, to avoid controversy.  Controversy is the appearance of evil.  "Avoid the appearance of evil."  They that know the law can afford to wait on the Lord, or law.
     Do not let anybody or anything beat you down, or argue you off your basis, whether it is attempted by people in the body of flesh, or in the belief of an astral body, out of the flesh.  Those out of the flesh are no wiser that those in the flesh, if they say that the thing you desire cannot be made to come to you.
     Some make the mistake of thinking that they must choose only such blessings as may be best for them.  But the desire in all instances is a hint of the thing we ought to have.  To say that the will of God is to be done, and to submit to it with certainty that it is good, will in every instance end in the blessing coming about according to our desires.
     To fear that we shall be answered in some other way is to get the answer in some other way.  "The thing I feared is come upon me."  Fear shows externally as things we do not desire.  All troublous circumstances, all physical imperfections, are out-picturing of false thoughts - thoughts naming a law other than the perfectly desirable.
- Emma Curtis Hopkins, "Class Lessons of 1888"

Emma Curtis Hopkins, the great American mystic (1849-1925), brought forth a revelation of Truth that is still ahead of its time today.  Her writings reflect the spiritual mountain-top of consciousness from which she lived and taught.  Emma revealed a mysticism that was infused with practical application which provides for us an eternal, yet relevant, interpretation of the teachings of the Master Mind Jesus.  Her work leads the reader from darkness to light, fear to faith, bondage to freedom and from sense consciousness to Spiritual Consciousness.  She adds to our journey great clarity, deliberation and love.  In so doing, she gives us the "eyes to see and the ears to hear" what the Wisdom of the Ages has prepared for us.

     On this occasion of Father's Day, 2006, it is important to know that "desire" is "of the Father" ... and it is the Father's good pleasure to give to us the desires of our heart.  Father, meaning provider, is the energy of Creation ... and It has created desires within us to experience a greater Good ... and supports us in achieving, attaining, and accomplishing the desires of our heart ... and we know from the great work of Emma Curtis Hopkins ...  that's what God has to do with it!

And So It Is!  

Maximum Love,
Rev. Bates

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"I have been all things unholy.  If God can work through me, He can work
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St. Francis of Assisi