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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for June 18, 2017


           There is but One Creative Principle.  It is always responding to us.  There is but One Power and we are always using It either negatively or affirmatively.  In scripture this is referred to as "praying without ceasing."  Thoughts are centered on ideas and our ideas about anything and everything can be either negative or affirmative.  The choice is ours.  And we are constantly choosing.

         We have ideas about home, money, work, relationships, marriage, health ... and these ideas are what we have in our life ... the things that we see and experience.  Everything that we possess or experience is our idea of the thing.  And for many of us ... we might consider changing our ideas about these things.  If my idea about money is that I have to work hard for it ... that I can be shortchanged ... or that there is never enough.  I must expand this idea if I am ever to have more money than I do now.  I must be willing to work on my beliefs about this idea we call money.  We must "loose" these ideas and think about how they have benefited us.  We must do this for everything that concerns us; health, home, work, relationships, marriage etc.  And we must be willing to eliminate those beliefs from our consciousness that keep us attached to conditions that we are no longer at peace with.  Conditions that may have made us happy at one time in our life, but are no longer satisfying.

         Our thoughts are the tools that we use in affirming the Creative Power into our experience.  This Creative Power, G-d, works through us ... through our thoughts and ideas about the conditions in our life.  This creates a necessity for us to "think" a better "idea" about the things in our life.  But first, we should recognize what we have.  And let me caution everyone here that we must be careful about what we say about what we have ... because we have to live with the consequences of the words that we speak.  In other words, use words that reflect gratitude for what we have.  For example, I am grateful for all that I have because I know that with the "right idea" about it ... I can increase the Good in it.  Remember, Spirit, G-d, works with "ideas" ... not with "things."  

        Knowing that G-d, Infinite Intelligence, works with ideas, our next step is to "contemplate" our "ideal" of the things that we would like to experience.  Take the idea of marriage, for instance.  Different people have different ideas about marriage.  There is no "ideal" marriage ... there are many "ideals" of marriage.  Everyone must develop their own "ideal" of what marriage is to them.  And unless we have developed this "ideal" in our consciousness through contemplation and examination of our beliefs and ideas about marriage ... then for many, this will mean that their marriage will become less than "ideal" to them.  As we come to the conclusion of what our "ideal" is about anything, we will find that this "ideal" is fluid ... in other words, it can change.  And the reason for this is that the consciousness that demonstrates the "ideal" is the consciousness that is open and receptive to a greater "ideal" still.

         We must always acknowledge that what we have is Good.  A good example is that at one time everyone had a black and white television set.  And it was very good and most people were very happy with it ... and then along came color television.  And for most people, once they became aware of color they were no longer satisfied with black and white.  Now, this did not make black and white televisions bad ... it just meant that they no longer met the "ideal" of the consciousness that had gained the awareness of color.  This is the simple truth about everything that we are currently experiencing.  When our awareness is heightened and expanded many of the things that we are now experiencing will no longer fit our "ideal" of the thing.

         No matter what the conditions in our life may currently be, or what we have experienced in our life, we can rearrange our thinking in such a way that we permit new ideas to come to our awareness.  We must always keep uppermost in our thoughts that Spirit flows through our mind ... and Spirit is Power and Intelligence.  In reality, there are no problems for any of us ... there are only opportunities for a greater self expression ... a greater ideal to experience.  We must keep faith with this spiritual principle in order to experience the marvelous results as we get into the spirit of the thing and loose our doubts and worries from our mind.

"The person who fears life gets but little pleasure from living.  The antidote for fear is faith.  The person with great faith has no fear.  Faith is a mental attitude, hence it can be cultivated." - Dr. Ernest Holmes, This Thing Called Life

And so it is!

Rev. Henry Bates

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