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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (June 19, 2005)      

          "We must come to know that it is not our will which creates good, but
our willingness to let it manifest in our life or the life of the one for whom we speak our word."
- Ernest Holmes, Spiritual Healing

"In the Beginning was the Word" ... and this statement from scripture is a caution to everyone to use their words wisely.  There is power in the Word for the Word is an effect of consciousness.  Thoughts, ideas and beliefs create our consciousness ... and our thoughts, ideas and beliefs are the source of our words.  "There is nothing Unseen that will not be Seen" ... and even though we may not be able to "see" words ... words speak of the consciousness behind them.

        Feeling sorry for doing something less than we know is the right thing to do creates an imprint in our subconscious.  The refusal to acknowledge our mistake and speak the words of "I'm sorry" ... holds us in bondage to the mistake and at some point in time we will have the opportunity to "feel" the same miserable effects of our refusal to "cleanse" our subconscious of the situation, action, words or condition.  Further chaos can be created in our experiences if we allow the refusal to say "I'm sorry" to become a stubborn pattern of our personality.  A pattern of being stubborn can lead to "strokes" and other ailments that grip us physically.  The inability to express the words "I'm sorry" come from holding on to patterns of inferiority.  A confident, self-assured person can easily say "I'm sorry" for they realize that whatever they have done to be "sorry for" is nothing in comparison to all the things that have to be glad for.  Continuing with this pattern of behavior can also manifest as blame and resentment ... both which create devastating physical ailments.  Our confidence is increased as we apologize and I am sorry is just another way of saying I know I can do better and I am doing better now ... whatever I have done to be sorry for is just the old past "stuff" ... and I don't live in the past ... I live in the present.  As we eliminate this burden from our consciousness our energy level is increased and we automatically increase the joy and peace in our life experiences.

        Gratitude expressed increases the Good in our Life automatically.  Each time we express gratitude we are expanding our consciousness of "having" ... and as we know from the spiritual genius Jesus, "he who has much will have even more."  A refusal to acknowledge that which we receive with gratitude holds us to a consciousness of selfishness and limitation.  Often the "cause" behind the refusal to say "thank you" is resentment and a belief that others have more than we do.  This state of mind will create even less in our Life's experiences to be grateful for.  We know that All comes from God ... but it is our responsibility to acknowledge the "instrument" that God used to "give" to us ... this acknowledgement brings us into "balance" with the Universe.  For those with a healthy consciousness of gratitude comes a greater freedom ... a greater sense of self-esteem and confidence.

      Why are these words so important?  They are important because the Universe demands "balance" ... and when we are not in "balance" with the Universal Law of Life, the Law of Unity ... we create "imbalances" in our experiences.  And at some point the Universe will force us to acknowledge or bear witness to the "imbalance" ... until then we will only realize God in fragments.

      Unless we keep our consciousness in balance, we are seeking God in fragments.  If we seek God in fragments we will have to return time after time, and while we are demonstrating our new blessing, we may let the old blessing slip away.  All blessings are ready for us; all that God is or has, is ready for us.  It takes no more time to develop the spiritual consciousness in entirety than it does to "demonstrate" a single one of all the blessings that in union constitute the spiritual consciousness ... One-ness ... the Law of Life is Unity ... as within, so without.

And So It Is!  

Maximum Love
Rev. Hank Bates

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"I have been all things unholy.  If God can work through me, He can work
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St. Francis of Assisi