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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, June 23, 2013 

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         "When the Master (Jesus) says to us:  "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free," remember that the truth that you are to know is that "I in the midst of thee am mighty," that My peace is your salvation, that quietness and confidence is the prayer, that we do not attain our good by might or by power, but by a gentle Spirit.  We are quiet as we accept God's grace.  We let God's grace flow to us, through us, but remember:  "Go and tell no man."  Tell no one what things you have discovered; do not throw your pearls before the unprepared thought.  These things that are whispered to you in silence will be shouted from the housetops as demonstration, not by your voice, not by rushing to tell your friend or neighbor, but by demonstration. .. Be still, be still and know.  But be still and know; do not do it aloud. "Be still and know." - Joel S. Goldsmith, The Deep Silence of My Peace

I was very impressed that Joel Goldsmith included the words, "go and tell no man" as this has been one of the admonitions that I have heard often and have come to believe is very important.  As we understand the development of consciousness, we know that there is something about the essence of the energy that impresses something on our deeper mind that goes beyond human understanding.  Those who understand that our power, is the power of our faith, know that it is a deep knowing that we discover when we realize that in the stillness of our mind something transpires that can often be unbelievable to those who have not discovered this within themselves.  Goldsmith translates the Master Mind Jesus' words, "don't cast your pearls before swine" into the less descriptive, but the same teaching, "do not throw your pearls before the unprepared thought."  What Goldsmith does not tell us in this profound book of spiritual wisdom, is that it is the "unprepared mind" that seeks to speak of the good results of their consciousness before the demonstration has been made manifest.  Those who "know" with clarity and conviction have no desire to speak before their consciousness has made the evidence quite clear to everyone.

     My respect for the teachings of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale caused me to come across these words which I have to share with you.  This is from his book, "Reaching Your Potential" and can be found in Chapter 1, A Positive Attitude Works Wonders: 
"Your difficulty, little or big - is it bigger than you?  Or are you bigger than it?  "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind."  Know that, with faith, all things are possible, ALL things; and you will be the beneficiary of the magic of a positive mental attitude.  What is it that undergirds this positive attitude?  It is nothing dreamy or Pollyannaish; it is a solid fact, a fact that should be brought again and again to the attention of us all.  It is the fact of who you are.  Who are you?  You are a child of God.  You are a being in time and eternity.  You have a physical body and this physical body is a marvelous instrument.  We take it too much for granted.  Only God could have thought of a physical body.  Only God could have created it.  Look, what it can do.  Take, for example, a hand.  It may seem ordinary.  But look at the various positions and motions you can make with your fingers and your hands.  You can turn it down and you can raise it up; you can reach behind and sideways.  Think of the angles, the joints, the engineering that goes into that one small member of your body known as a hand!  And that isn't all there is about you.  There is the heart and the central nervous system.  There is the blood vessel system and the bone structure.  And this wonderful body isn't the greatest thing about you, either. ... There is in you that "indescribable thing" called "God's power."  It is a power over yourself, a power over situations, a power over circumstances.  If you exercise this power, amazing things can be done.  It is through the use of a positive mental attitude that you have such power.  Now, you must be humble about it.  It isn't "your power."  It is God living within you.  This is why we constantly urge people to come into a closer relationship with God.  Why?  He releases power, whereby anyone can manage himself and make a contribution through this inner thing called spiritual power."

     We can, through the power of our mind and the fullness of our faith, discover this power of G-d within us ... this Living Spirit within us.  I believe the best word we can use as we identify with this power of G-d within us, is spirit.  What is the spirit with which we see our self?  Is it a spirit of confidence, self assurance and self reliance?  It is useless to allow ourselves to feel dis-spirited, sad, disappointed or to allow a sense of self-pity to find residence in our thoughts
... and I know that not one of us is allowing this to be true for us.  The Spirit of G-d, this Living Spirit within us, is always seeking our identification with It.  Our recognition that there is an Intelligence that created us, a creative intelligence beyond anything that our human mind can conceive, should bring to us the conclusion that this Intelligence exists and not only exists, but is always seeking to expand creation.  And will create through us, as us, and for us, as we align our mind with Its nature.  Prayer, sitting in the silence of our mind and letting our mind be still, affirmations, spiritual treatments and reading inspirational writings, all work to keep us in tune with the infinite good.  Most of us know this to be true, but too often we think that to believe that we have the power to control our conditions by controlling our mental attitude, is too good to be true or perhaps is true for others but not us ... and so our inconsistency with our spiritual practices reflect this lack of faith in not just our spiritual practices, but also a lack of faith in ourselves ... in our ability to be self-reliant, to have such faith that creates amazing experiences in our lives.

    If any one of us has wavered in our faith or just feel like we are "stuck" and that there is no movement toward anything greater or better in our life, then I suggest that we read this "Treatment for Divine Guidance" written by Annie Rix Militz: 
"I am now in my right place.  The only influence I know is the Eternal Good.  The only controlling power is the Universal Good.  On It I fix my faith.  I am firm in my convictions.  I trust my impressions.  My intuition is one with the light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world.  No evil belief finds place in my consciousness.  No personal likes or dislikes control me.  No belief in need or lack, in loss, deprivation, fear of consequences or evil results, has any power over me in any way.  I am not undecided as to what I should do - I know.  My line of action is certain and sure.  I rest in knowledge, and I see the Good bring Its own good-will to pass.
          I do not need to struggle and to puzzle over anything - I know.  Every one discerns my true mission.  Every one approves of my course and declares me to be divinely led.  No selfishness confuses me.  No condemnation follows me.  No jealousy opposes me.  No pride or ambition deceives me.  No self-condemnation shakes me.  I am not vacillating and fearful.  I am the Lord; I change not.
         The Holy Spirit guides my footsteps.  Pure, unselfish, unchangeable Love points out the way, and I walk in it.  The Wisdom of God makes my vision divinely clear, and I know exactly what I am to do.  Perfect Harmony reigns.  There is not one dissenting voice.  The motive of my heart is to continually say:  Thy will, O God, be done.  The Divine Will is done.  It does that Good which is good for all forever and ever." 
Let us say, "and so it is .. amen!"

         If you read and re-read this spiritual treatment, something new, I assure you, will emerge in your consciousness.  This emerging consciousness may give you a new idea, a thought that creates a transformation, or even something so incredible that you will sit in the silence with the thought of it as it thunders through the silence of your intuitive mind. 
It will be a refreshing ... a renewing of your mind to the truth about you ... the real you ... the Living Spirit of G-d seeking a glorious experience of life through you, as you, and for you.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

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