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Sunday, June 24, 2001

"Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it."
 - Psalm 127
                       Talking about God, reading about God, or going to classes to learn about God, will not be our salvation.  Doing these things will lead to our salvation if we are steadfast.  Our salvation will come only when we realize and recognize the Spirit of God (Divine Joy, gentle Spirit) in our experience, when we have an actual "God-experience."  (Inspiration for this message from "Awakening Mystical Consciousness" a book by Joel S. Goldsmith.)

We may have many healings.  We may witness much in the way of prosperity and happiness coming to us through the illumined consciousness of a practitioner, minister or teacher; but that does not make for permanent harmony.  That does not come until such time as we abide in the Word of Truth and let that Word abide in us, until the experience of God is ours.

When we pray for ourselves or for others, we must be sure our prayer consists of the Word of God and then the reminder to our self of all we know and understand about God and God's Kingdom.  When this period of prayer has come to an end, we must not think we are finished.  The sense of being finished comes only when the second half of prayer has been completed, when we are able to sit in the Silence and listen until the Spirit of God (Divine Joy, gentle Spirit) is upon us and we know that It Is.  We feel It - we have the response within us.

  We cannot put much faith in what we read or hear.  We must put "real faith" and confidence in our ability to sit quietly and listen.  Be still.  It requires stillness, quietness, and confidence.  Sit in quietness and let "My Peace," the "gentle Spirit" come to us.  It is a peace beyond all knowledge, a peace no one can describe and no one can give us, except God.

                            Wherever we may be, as we sit in a state of quietness, the Divine Joy (gentle Spirit) is available to us.  Not because we deserve It, for no human being can ever be good enough to deserve It and even in the most depressing of circumstances, even in the midst of our greatest mistakes, the gentle Spirit can come to us.

The Spirit of God (Divine Joy) comes slowly to most of us, not because of God, but because of the density of our human ego.  But we must have this experience in order to realize the fullness of Life for It is the Joy, the Peace, we feel in all things; prosperity, relationships, success, and health.  Without it, Life becomes meaningless and dull.  No person, place or thing can ever match the Joy that It Is, there is no substitute for It.  We must be very gentle with ourselves, but we must be consistent and persistent in our seeking the experience of God, for it, and it alone, is our Salvation.

 And So It Is!           

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates