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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for June 24, 2007 

           "When you first begin to think of God as everywhere present substance, your mind will not adhere continuously to the idea.  You will drop your attention after a while and think, "I haven't enough to meet all our bills."  There you have made a break and have lost momentum in your ongoing, and you must patch it up quickly." - Charles Fillmore - "Prosperity"

     The Yahoo News story by Associated Press Writer, Tara Burghart, was getting its fair share of attention on the Internet today.  Titled, "Critics of "The Secret" bemoan claims ... the article was filled with far too much confusion and a lot of this can be attributed to some of the people involved in the project.  Rhonda Byrne's description of the Law of Attraction is far too broad and assumes too much to be helpful.  And James Arthur Ray's lamenting the "lack of action" included in the DVD isn't helpful either.  It is my opinion that "The Secret" is not a book or a DVD to study, but is instead, merely an introduction to a philosophy  ... a philosophy that demands that we "live it" ... rather than just "theorize" about it.  And this means we begin immediately with what we know before we go to the next step.  Expecting that this philosophy could be contained in a DVD or a single book would be akin to believing that if we "believe that it is so" ... we can pour five gallons of water into a quart jar!  Our mind just does not work in this way.

     The most important book that we can read to put "The Secret" into action would be "The Science of Getting Rich" ... and the book that will give us the greatest and the most marvelous understanding of the philosophy behind it is "The Science of Mind" ... note that both books contain the word "science."  It is a "mental science" ... it is working not only with the Law of Attraction, but also with the Law of Mind, The Law of Mental Equivalents, The Law of Correspondence and the Law of Reciprocity.  I think you get the picture ... we have work to do!  Work that will be exciting, fulfilling, revealing and one of the great adventures of our life.  It is a great adventure to set out and "prove God" ... and this is what we will do as we demonstrate this great philosophy in our lives.

     In the Yahoo News article, John Norcross, a psychologist in Philadelphia who conducts research on self-help books was highly critical of "The Secret" ... but, "The Secret" is not a self-help book ... it is a "spiritual book" and there is a great difference.  And Rhonda Byrne's description of the "Law of Mind" did not clarify the difference.  When we use "spiritual laws" we are not relying on our human abilities ... we are instead "unifying with Infinite Mind, God."  This Infinite Mind is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscience; All Present, All Power and All Knowing.  The human mind cannot even describe how this "Infinite Intelligence" does Its perfect work through us ... we can only know that It does by the evidence of the results.  If the Master Mind Jesus did not demonstrate "wine from water" through his consciousness ... he would have been just another forgotten Jewish mystic.

     And so we begin our work with one of the fundamentals ... "give and be given to."  And why do we start with this? ... it is because we are conditioning our mind to accept that "we have" ... a "have not" consciousness cannot demonstrate more ... and is most likely to demonstrate "loss" ... and each one of us can begin to do this immediately.  So, we begin by always giving more ... going the "extra mile" so to speak in consciousness.  This can be as simple as rounding up our payment to the utility companies to tipping more than the typical 15% ...  for example, if our electric bill is $144.00 ... write the check for $150.00 ... or $145.00 if you're not sold on this yet ... calculate your tip at 15% and then "deliberately" add $5 or $10 dollars more ... recognizing all the while that you are working with a principle.  Use every opportunity to demonstrate your consciousness of abundance.  These simple steps "condition" our mind to always think "more" ... and in thinking more ... more will come to us.  And don't limit this to money ... give more of everything when the opportunity is available to you ... purposefully go beyond what is expected ... and give more or do more ... always.  Create a "mental atmosphere" of abundance ... of "having" ... don't go into debt to do it ... but do it with wisdom and purpose.

     Many people will ask, "how long do I do this?" ... and the answer is ... always and in all-ways.  As our mind is "divorced" from lack and less ... our mind is automatically open to "accepting" more of every Good thing we can imagine.  We must think above and beyond our habits of the past or what is "average" or "typical" ... give and be given to ... and while you do ... be realistic and expect a BIG return!


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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