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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for June 26, 2011 

                       "If this is a fresh day and you are fresh in it, it is not too late.  It is not too late to be successful.  It is not too late to be happy.  It is not too late to clean the slate and write a new story.  "But," you cry out, "I am broken in heart and in spirit."  You may have a heartache.  You may hurt, but you are never broken in spirit, for Spirit can never be broken.  It can appear broken, but it is only covered over by our hurt and negativity. ... Know today that life itself knows no sorrow.  Life is progressive.  It will not be imprisoned in the past.  It is offering you change at all times.  Wherever you are and wherever your loved ones are, change is taking place all the time.  Sometimes the changes are not necessarily what we want, but when we view them from a large enough perspective, we can see that they are for the better." - Dr. Frank E. Richelieu, The Art of Being Yourself

"All this is very simple when you understand it. There is but one Power.  Hear, O Israel:  the Lord our God is one Lord (Deuteronomy 6:4).  Not two or three or a thousand; just one.  ... You can use any power in nature two ways.  You can use electricity to fry an egg or to electrocute someone.  You can use water to quench the thirst of your child or to drown the child.  The same wind that blows a ship onto the rocks will also take it to safety.  The forces of nature are not evil; it depends upon how you use them. ... The theological devil was invented by the church."
- Dr. Joseph Murphy, Great Bible Truths for Human Problems

These past few weeks I have meditated, prayed and affirmed that all those who call on me to give them insight into how they can break the cycle of the appearance of lack in their lives, will find an opening to their answered prayer in one of these messages.  There are those who have found their prosperity and success increase through tithing, others through silent communion with our Creator, and still others through prayer and affirmation.  Yet, there continues for many to be a struggle in this life to attain the ideal life experience that they want so much in their hearts.  No matter what we may do in the material or in the mental, we still must reconcile our mind with the Mind of G-d in the spiritual in order to realize the happiness and peace of knowing that all our needs are met and that we can resolve any and all issues that come to us to resolve.

     It has been written that "duality" has been "imposed" upon us, and I believe this is the truth.  No one has consciously sought to believe in lack and limitation, in poverty and financial struggle.  We all want to pay our bills on time and have money to share and to spare.  I know this is the truth for all of us, even those who may deny it.  And so we realize that lack has not been a conscious choice but one based on our inability to choose rightly because of the ideas and concepts that have been imposed upon us.  Belief in lack and poverty permeates the universal consciousness.  We see evidence of it worldwide.  We see people immigrate from one country to another attempting to escape it.  We know of people, and we may even be one, who max out their credit cards trying to defy their belief in lack.  But, "no matter where we go, there we are" and so poverty stays with us and burdensome debts become a way of life.  All this will continue as long as we attempt to resolve the problem in the material and the mental for in both we are, to differing degrees, "resisting evil" ... and the radical Jesus was the first to tell us to "resist not evil" and he told us this because what we "resist, persists" ... and this is due to the precise working of mental and spiritual laws.

When we "affirm" that we have something that we don't yet have possession of in the material, there is a contradiction between the material and the mental.  However, if we "choose" to have something that is not yet manifest in the material we put the law of mind in action without a contradiction in the material.  And so we must go to the deeper level of mind in order to know that "we have it" and in order to manifest it.   At this deeper level of mind, we are not using either our conscious or subconscious mind but we are in "silent communion" with the Mind of G-d; Spirit Itself.  This is why Dr. Richelieu tells us:  "you are never broken in spirit, for Spirit can never be broken" ... but we will "think we are" until we develop the patience and persistence to sit in silent communion until our spirit is touched by the Spirit of Life Itself and "renewed" on the spiritual side of life.

The "way" to eliminate or diminish this "imposed duality" in our life experience is to begin to see through it at all levels of our life; material, mental and spiritual.  Realize in the "material" that the world in which we live is filled with unlimited abundance even when evidence of poverty is present by purposefully making note of the abundance that you see with your own eyes.  In the mental we can gain this realization by visualizing and imaging abundance and wealth and affirming that there is more than enough for all to share and to spare.  And in the spiritual, we can just relax our mind into the Spirit and let the Spirit move through our consciousness in Its own perfect way.

Let us always remember and never forget the words of Dr. Murphy, "you can use any power in nature two ways" ... we can use our mind to agree with the "imposed" belief in lack and limitation, poverty, illness ... or we can use our mind at all levels of life; material, mental, spiritual to enter into the absolute knowing that "the Lord our G-d is one Lord" ... this Lord is our own individual law of mind in perfect alignment with the law of G-d ... it is our miracle within us ... waiting for the Spirit to reveal it to us.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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