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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (June 27, 2004)         

         One of the very most important lessons we learn from the Science of Mind and from the teachings of the Master Mind Jesus, is that we must have "faith in our self" ... for it is the Truth that God can only do for us, what God can do through us.  A consciousness filled with a negative or inferior "self-image" can do little to overcome the negative situations and conditions that invariably will manifest from such "imaging" ... and stands little if any chance of any measure of "self-mastery" over our lives.  This "house-divided" as written in scriptures ... will always fall ... we cannot "expect" better days to come and at the same time walk around "clue-less" to the image we have of ourselves ... as it is the "image" that we have of ourselves, by and large, that "causes" the situations and conditions that are present in our experiences.

         From the Science of Mind:  "To have faith in God is to follow this faith through by having faith in the self.  The real self is God and as such is to be implicitly trusted. The spark which burns at the center of our own soul is caught from the living and eternal flame of the Spirit."

        How many of us truly understand that God In-dwells us?  And if we understand it intellectually ... do we "realize" it to the point where it actually makes a difference in our lives?  It is imperative that each of us take a "spiritual look" at ourselves and ask ourselves ... "how does God see me?" ... and does the way I see myself reflect the beauty, the wholeness and the completeness that God sees?  For God does not recognize our weaknesses or our human-created flaws.  All that God sees is a Perfect Idea ... a Perfect Image of Spirit, Life and Truth in expression ... for that is how God created us ... and only in our human judgment does any of us fall short of this Perfect Idea in the Mind of God.  In reality, this is the Truth about us and will always be the Truth about us ... but the Truth doesn't matter if we do not recognize It and accept It.  Far too many of us continue to look to people outside of ourselves for our feelings of self-worth ... our self-esteem can sometimes be so attached to what other people's opinions are of us that we lead our entire lives being manipulated and intimadated by the people around us ... and once the people who manipulate and intimadate us get bored with us or find someone more useful to them ... we are "crushed or depressed" until we demonstrate someone else to do the same thing ... it is a life wasted to look to anyone outside of ourselves to create our self-image!  The same applies to "comparisons" and "opinions" ... these are merely the last devils of a false idea of Life that many people use to deny the Infinite Goodness of God and fall into the only hell there is called "self-pity!"

         Resentments, shame, blame, arrogance and feelings of inferiority = self-pity.  These are feelings of "dis-empowerment" ... to allow these feelings into our consciousness gives our power away ... our only true power ... which is the "spirit" of us ... our "self-image."  We must replace our old ideas of ourselves with new ideas ... our old thoughts of our selves ... with Higher Thoughts ... and as we do we will demonstrate a richer, fuller, happier and healthier life experience.

         "I recognize the Truth that I am a Perfect Idea in the Mind of God.  God sees me as perfect, whole and complete and so do I.  I depend on God's Idea of me for my self-image, for my inspiration and for my feelings of self-worth.  I know that as I see myself as God sees me ... I see my life experiences fill with this image of beauty, joy and perfection from within me.  I am fully satisfied that I am the "cause" unto my world of experiences ... and I see this Light shine brightly through all my affairs."   

And So It Is!

Maximum Love
Rev. Hank Bates

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