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Weekly Message for Sunday, June 29, 2003

                     In Religious Science we learn principles for Life Mastery … however, we live in the world and as the Master Mind Jesus cautioned us, “be in the world but not of the world.”  But many of us find it difficult to live to this principle … the ways of the world can so often be seductive.  It is so often easy to find blame when we look for it … and excuses sometimes can be more plentiful than sand on the beach.  So many of us allow ourselves to be so seduced by the media; television, movies, magazines, etc. that we react to life habitually based on the beliefs, ideas and subtle and not-so-subtle messages received by our subconscious mind from these sources.

What we “feed” our subconscious; repetitive thoughts, beliefs and concepts … become our experiences.  We cannot expect to live a happy and joy-filled life if we feed our subconscious a steady diet of television and movie dramas … the latest gossip from the print media and so on.  All of these things bring us conditions and circumstances “of the world” and we become volunteers … not victims … of circumstances that are unpleasant to experience.  The “world” believes in both good and evil … good guys and bad guys … and the media, like many of the traditional religions … use these fallacies to attract us to them, to intimidate us and to manipulate us.  It does not take a great leap of faith to go from a steady diet of media manipulation to beliefs in competition, punishment, superiority and inferiority.  It is spiritual arrogance to believe that we can be both of the world … and spiritual.  No one has ever done so successfully … including Jesus.

Sprit is free … free of concepts and beliefs of lesser and greater, superior and inferior, good and evil.  These are but labels that register with our human mind as we lose sight of our Divinity.  Our Divinity or Higher Self does not recognize labels of any kind, nor does it recognize any concept that hinders It from expressing and accepting love, peace, harmony, joy, happiness and confidence.  Our Divine Self is not cognizant of our dramas and labels; “He knows no iniquity,” it states in scripture.  The Divine Self is free ... for Spirit remains forever free … even when our human experience may involve issues of illness, loneliness, lack, limitation, superiority and inferiority.

       We can attempt to measure our level of spiritual growth and understanding by taking an honest look at what concepts we still hold on to.  How many labels do we attach to our self and others?  How many labels do we allow to restrict us from being free in the Spirit?  Are we willing to fast from the world’s beliefs and concepts, to fast from living from the concept of a label … fast from television and movie dramas … and print media manipulation … and begin a serious endeavor to be free and unencumbered … to realize the Great Potential of Spirit within us?


 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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