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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, June 29,  2014

           I did quite a bit of research looking for expressions or words of happiness from Jesus, the Buddha and Krishna but found very little to show for my research.  I figured these great teachers could offer us some insight into attaining and maintaining happiness.  But mostly all that has been quoted from them lacks any true sense of real happiness.  We can read that if we trust in them or take them into our hearts that we shall be happy but if they weren't happy then how would that make us happy?  Krishna is quoted as saying:  "There is no peace or happiness in our worldly life.  Circumstances create turmoil and annoyance."  This statement is kind of annoying in itself.  In another statement which is supposedly a quote from Krishna, it is written that  "happiness in Krishna is unlimited and there is no end."  I wonder what he really said?  Most of us are all too aware that what is quoted from these three great teachers has been changed, rearranged, added to and subtracted from what they really were teaching so we never know.  Perhaps Jesus was a happy man but you would never know it from the quotes in the Gospels.  I found a Bible-based web page which stated it contained quotes from Jesus on happiness and abundance but the majority of the quotes were from the New Testament not the Gospels and were not Jesus' quotes at all ... and the few quotes from Jesus had nothing to do with happiness.

The mystical Ernest Holmes writes:  "When we learn to trust the Universe, we shall be happy, prosperous and well.  We must learn to come under that Divine Government, and accept the fact that Nature's table is ever filled.  Never was there a Cosmic famine.  "The finite alone has wrought and suffered, the Infinite lies stretched in smiling repose."  God is always God.  No matter what our emotional storm, or what our objective situation, may be, there is always a something hidden in the inner being that has never been violated.  We may stumble, but always there is that Eternal Voice, forever whispering within our ear, that thing which causes the eternal quest, that thing that forever sings and sings."

        As we realize that "happiness" is of the nature of Spirit, then we can come to the intelligent conclusion that happiness is always available to us.  We experience it when our emotions and our spirit are in tune with the Nature of the Eternal.  Our happiness may not always be reflected in our physical presence, but it is always reflected at the level of our soul.  But, we must choose to be happy and we must choose to not let anyone or anything take our happiness away.  Everything comes back to personal choice.  How much happiness do we choose to experience?  Do we believe as the writers of the quote from Krishna believe, that happiness is limited and has a beginning and an end?  Like all things of the Spirit our happiness in order to be an enduring happiness must not be dependent on anyone or anything.  It is always within us waiting for us to choose it and it is infinite in its capacity to express through us as we desire that it do so.  Like intelligence, it is filtered through our consciousness, or soul, to the degree that we recognize and identify with it.  This is why the old saying, "money doesn't buy happiness" is truth ... we have the inherent ability to feel happiness whether we are immensely wealthy or poor as a church mouse.  

        From the Gospel of John we can read these words: 
"Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me." ... but a similar statement from the Gospel of Luke reads:  "Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." ... if we take the word "in" out of the first statement; i.e. "believe also me" ... then the two statements are in agreement.  The Master Mind Jesus, in his infinite intelligence, would never have declared that  in him can we receive the things of the Spirit; happiness being one of the gifts of the Spirit.  That which is of G-d can only be received directly from G-d ... and this is a statement that we can see evident throughout the universe in which we live.  Our happiness is not dependent on Jesus, or the Buddha or Krishna ... even though the Christian, Buddhist and Hindu religions attempt to cause us to believe differently.  If we were dependent on Jesus for our happiness then we would never see a happy Buddhist or Krishna follower ... or if our happiness were to be dependent on the Buddha then we would never see a happy Christian, etc.  This sounds very sane and simple but it is not a widely held belief in the world as we can see from the "religious separations" that poison our world.

          This is what I believe about enduring happiness: 
We can all enjoy an enduring happiness as we choose to be happy.  By this I don't mean the jump up and down kind of happiness or the "happy dance" kind of happiness, but an enduring happiness that comes from knowing that we are never separated from the Source of all happiness and that happiness is ours to receive and to express.  But, we must choose to hold onto it and not let people, circumstances or conditions take it from us or diminish it in any way.  This takes it from a simple choice to a "definite choosing" and as we make a definite choice to choose happiness every day then we shall find that we have the inner strength to sustain it in our heart, our mind and our soul, no matter what we may be confronted with.  As we choose to be happy, choose also to replace the word "God" in our mind with "Love" - Love is a synonym for G-d.  Love is the givingness of the Spirit ... the givingness of happiness and joy and peace and harmony and beauty and love.  And as we condition our mind to believe that Love is always giving to us, we shall find happiness in everything that concerns us.


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

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