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The Way to a Wonderful Life, Sunday, June 30, 2013 

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         "Supply is infinite, but there must be receptivity.  We can have all the supply we will give.  But that is where the barrier is--the unwillingness to give.  That is where the lack or limitation is." - Joel S. Goldsmith

We live in a world of abundance but yet so many struggle to live a comfortable life.  As Joel Goldsmith tells us "Supply is infinite" but there is such a distortion in our receptivity to this supply that many fail to make this realization.  Our life should be one experience of joy after another but few of us will feel joy if our wallets and purses are empty of cash ... or a checkbook with a positive balance.  I have corresponded with so many people through this ministry who have gone from meager circumstances to great wealth and success and I have corresponded with people who have gone from great wealth to lack and limited financial means.  What was the "cause" of this?  Few people ever know, but what we do know is that there is something that blocks our receptivity to permanent prosperity and this is common among both people of wealth and people who have little in the way of money.

     Joel Goldsmith tells us that the "unwillingness to give" is the barrier ... he writes that "that is where the lack and limitation is."  But, I believe that if we look at the issue in a practical way, it is not the "unwillingness to give" but the lack of acknowledgment of just how much we do give.  We have been so brain-washed into believing that we must give to those who have less than we do; to charities and good causes, to our churches, synagogues and temples, that we have lost sight of the "Law of Circulation" ... "Freely you have received, freely give."  When the law of circulation is retarded, stagnation results.  It is only as we allow the Divine current to flow through us on and out, that we really express life.  The law of giving and receiving is definite.  Emerson tells us to beware of holding too much good in our hands. ... Because of the unity underlying all life, no one lives entirely unto himself, but through himself, he lives unto the whole, which whole embodies all other lives.  Therefore, "he that findeth his life shall lose it; and he that loseth his life, shall find it." ... When a man's thought rests entirely upon himself, he becomes abnormal and unhappy; but when he gives himself with enthusiasm to any legitimate purpose, losing himself in the thing which he is doing, he becomes normal and happy.  Only as much life enters into us as we can conceive, and we conceive of life - in the larger sense - only when there is complete abandonment to it." [Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind]

     Now, I am not teaching that we should not give to our churches, synagogues, temples and favorite charities ... that would be foolishness as these are part of the Law of Circulation and are important for each of us to support ... but we also must
"recognize" that we give into the Law of Circulation every time we use our money to make a purchase at the grocery store, movie theatre, clothing store or electronics store ... we are giving to the success and prosperity of all those who are employed in these businesses ... and this giving to the success and prosperity of others must return to us through the Law of Circulation ... that is, unless we use our money grudgingly or with resentment; i.e. thoughts such as, "I can't believe how the prices have gone up" or "I really couldn't afford this" or "I can't believe how much they want for this cheap merchandise!"  You get the picture.  The key to benefitting from the Law of Circulation is first, recognition and then our attitude of "freely giving" and then we can expect to receive that which is ours.  

     W. Frederic Keeler in his book, "Christian Victory Instruction" tells us that desperation, feeling always abused, confusion, a sense of hopeless struggle, doubt and lack of faith, will keep us in lack and limitation and will lead us into the valley of the shadows of debt ... if not bankruptcy.  This is not a punishment for bad choices or credit card craziness, but the valid result of a universal, eternal Law.  Freely give does not mean to give what we do not have.  If we don't have the money then the thing that we want is not ours to have ... at least, not yet.  Each and everyone of the "causes" of lack that Dr. Keeler refers to are based in "fear" ... and fear has been instilled in us from birth; by our loving parents, by our well-intentioned priests, rabbis and preachers and by the movies and television shows that draw us into believing that there is something to fear.  The mystical Ernest Holmes writes in his book, "The Beverly Hills Lectures" ...
"You wonder why intelligent people can believe in Hell.  Back in the unconscious is an emotional bias:  they were brought up to believe it.  Their whole reaction has been to it.  Even when the Cosmic urge of self-expression flows through them, it has to interpret itself according to their intellect and emotional bias and becomes what we call an intellectual blind-spot.  It's impossible for such people to think straight.  It's like our political parties.  One is just as good as the other, but nobody believes it.  We all have certain biases.  It's what creates intolerance."  And as we know this intolerance, in reality, is something we self-inflict upon ourselves ... the mind filled with intolerance cannot become aware of the goodness and infinite abundance that is available to us all.  Fear separates us from G-d and the Good ... and denies our ability to use the power of our faith to move through whatever it is that we need to move through in order to realize the good life, the joyful life and the wonderful life that is available to each of us.

       We must be fearless in our quest to realize prosperity.  We can begin to loose the fear of loss and limited funds by affirming "peace regarding the need" ... and tell ourselves that we have "faith in the universe" ... and recognize that abundance exists and then with clarity make a "positive choosing" to accept that which we would not only love to experience, but will feel a gratitude for receiving.  In this fearless prosperity consciousness we can realize that G-d is the Source, that is, an awareness of G-d working through our consciousness drawing to us all that is necessary as we "recognize" our use of the Law of Circulation to prosper us.  As we eliminate fear ... our small worries and doubts ... and any fragment of a belief in a Hell that may have woven its way into our consciousness from the foolishness of the Collective Consciousness ... we can know with certainty that no matter what conditions or circumstances we may have found ourselves in, our recognition that faith applied to the Law of Circulation will lead us to our own personal promised land!


Keep the faith!
. Henry Bates

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"spiritual ... not religious"

"Even God could not have created a perfect individual.  We must go
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Dr. Ernest Holmes

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