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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for July 2, 2017


           We all have a powerful energy within us that is activated by our state of mind.  The misuse of this energy expresses as anger, frustration, worry, envy, shame and guilt.  These are all human expressions of wasted energy and a waste of time.  The Intelligence, Power and Spirit of the Infinite is the Source of our energy.  It animates the organs of our physical body and energies our mind.  It is the Source of our life expressing through us, as us.  However, we "filter" this energy by degree and direct it through consciousness; both consciously and unconsciously.  This is why we often come across the statement that our quality of life is not so much about what we experience but how we react to our experiences.

           There are people who have allowed their minds to be conditioned to the negative aspects of thought; envy, jealousy, distrust and lack of faith.  Everyone has at one time or another felt the energy of anger as it pulsates through our mind and even our physical body.  Oftentimes people will tell me that they feel the energy of anger is more powerful than any other effect of human emotion.  This is because they have conditioned their minds to believe this is so.  Faith in the good is a more powerful energy because it connects us with the Source of Creation Itself, G-d.  Anger only momentarily denies this truth.  Anger is a destructive energy and obstructs the power of Creation which is always for that which is for the greater good.

            The Chinese Buddhism script tells us:  "You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger."  It is the simple movement of cause and effect drawing to us experiences that we do not desire.  When we feel anger we often cannot think, be still, or see beyond the issue that caused our anger.  Those who hang onto anger end up obstructing the very good that they feel they have been denied whether it be respect, love, joy or something of a material nature.

            We can condition our mind to be slow to anger ... I would like to say to never feel anger but I believe in our human-ness this is a wonderful ideal but not always a reality for many of us.  

           The American mystic Ernest Holmes gives us instruction on how to use our inherent power, that is energy, in the most effective way:  "In the center of your own soul choose what you want to become, to accomplish; keep it to your-self. Every day in the silence of absolute convict-ion know that it is now done. It is just as much done, as far you are concerned, as it will be when you experience it in the outer. Imagine yourself to be what you want to be. See only that which you desire, refuse even to think of the other. Stick to it, never doubt. Say many times a day, "I am that thing," realize what this means. It means that the great Universal power of Mind is that, and it cannot fail."

And so it is!

Rev. Henry Bates

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