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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for July 3, 2011 

                       "Jesus often spoke about the more abundant life, the greater happiness, and the deeper peace that was available.  He told us we can rest secure in the Love of God; the Power of God is always at our command.  He said that God is Love, Truth, and Life; and God is Power.  Not some love, some truth, some life, and some power but all the Life and all the Power there is.  The miracle of all this is that we are surrounded by and immersed in this Life and this Power, and that It is right now flowing through us.  And Jesus said that if you believe this, "these signs shall follow them that believe."  He did not separate prayer from its answer, for he said, "... What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." ... Jesus was the greatest spiritual genius of the ages. ... Jesus did not ask people what their religion was.  He did not act or speak as though any particular form of belief was necessary, but yet he said everyone must have some belief.  The Bible states: " ... whosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely."  And the whole life of Jesus was devoted to telling his followers, and the world, that there is a Divine Power available to everyone, and this Power is Good." - Dr. Ernest Holmes, 10 Ideas That Make A Difference

 We have all learned that this Divine Power that is available to everyone is the One Mind, which is the Spirit of G-d.  This Spirit of G-d moves through our mind as intelligence, thought, imagination and creativity.  Even when we are asleep, this Spirit moves through our mind as dreams, visions, images.  This Spirit is always seeking to guide us and direct us to reveal more of the image and likeness of G-d, as us, for us, through us.  It is not seeking to do this through those who are perfect, or pure, or religious ... It is doing so for it is Its nature to do so ... because we are part of It; part of G-d.  This Spirit has been identified as "Creative Mind" ... but, a "label" or words, cannot fully describe It for Its infinite capacity is beyond anything our human mind can fathom.  The metaphysical teacher and author, Neville Goddard, taught that we find our power through our imagination:  "... we are privileged to use a Law, given by God, to "cushion the blows of life."  The Law, Neville stated is this, "imagining creates reality."

All day long we live with images from without and from within our mind that have an effect on our perceptions of life.  Most of the time we do not consciously choose what these images will be that get our attention or come to our awareness, but every image, like our every thought, is impressed upon our mind to some degree.  I believe, as did Neville, that we can choose the images to impress upon our mind, or as Dr. Joseph Murphy would say, to impress upon our subconscious mind.  We all dream and some people remember their dreams and other people don't, at least not always.  Personally, I have experienced dreams giving me information that was important for me to know, but consciously I may not have been receptive to it.  Some of us, daydream, that is, we consciously choose what it is that we entertain in our mind.  Both daydreams and the dreams we have in the sleep-state, are part of our imagination, or imaging faculty of our mind, and both may be used to draw to us the good that we seek to experience.

     In the scriptures we can read where the Master Mind Jesus was called to "wake up" his friend Lazarus from death.  For many people this seems to be more myth than truth, but for those of us who accept that G-d is Omnipresent, we can believe that this happened.  I believe that as Jesus affirmed life for Lazarus and called him to wake up, he "imaged" it first in his mind and then "affirmed" that it was so and it was so.  And, I believe each and every one of us can do this too, for what one can do, all can do, for we are all using the same Power that Jesus used.  Most of us cannot conceive of raising someone f
rom death, but we can conceive of many, many things that we can use our imaging faculties to achieve.

There is a simple truth, "if we can see it, we can be it" ... and in this we realize that we must use our imagination in order to "see it."  Neville talked about the imagination but he, to my knowledge, never stated that we can use it as if producing a movie in our mind.  We know that our dreams have images, action, color, depth, words and all things that we associate with a movie.  It is my belief that we can use our imagination to produce and direct a "movie in our mind" that will impress upon our subconscious mind that which we seek to experience.  As Neville stated, "imagining creates reality" ... so as we take the attributes of a movie; images, color, depth, words, action ... and use these to expand upon the desires that we have in our heart and create a movement in our mind that awakens our imagination to its creative potentials and see the events of our life as we would a movie ... but one in which we determine the outcome of the things that concern us ... have faith that the Love and Law of G-d is responding to us ... then the Law of G-d must respond by corresponding to the images in our imagined movie.

So often, we do not expand on the desires that come to us enough in order for them to be made manifest.  G-d always responds to us, but we must first impress our mind with those things that appeal to us in order for this response to be made manifest.  Too often, we let our good desires fade away because we do not take action in our mind to reach the point of acceptance.  As we build within our mind this "motion-picture-prayer" using our imagination and filling our mind with images that appeal to us, the Law of G-d will respond by corresponding.  But, we must remember that like all prayer, we cannot seek to control or manipulate others in the movies in our mind.  The Law of G-d is universal and it is a law of liberty, for all.

     First we must realize in our mind and be aware that we are working with the Law of G-d, then we get a "sense" of what it is that we want to project on this screen in our mind.  As we choose what it is that we desire to experience, we must take the time to get a "sense of it being real" ... so real that it becomes our inner reality much like our dreams.  In this we are turning to G-d knowing that we are making use of the power that G-d has imparted to us.  Our imagination is unlimited and we are unlimited in our use of It ... for our imagination is just another of the many gifts of the Spirit that is ours to use.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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