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Weekly Message for Sunday, July 7, 2002                                         

"The farmer may seem to get his supply from the seeds he plants, but he would never plant a seed unless he had faith in its innate capacity to increase, and that seed would never multiply without the quickening life of Spirit. Thus we see that all increase of substance depends on the quickening life of Spirit, and this fact gives us the key to mental processes that when used spiritually will greatly increase and at the same time simplify our appropriation of that inexhaustible substance which creative Mind has so generously provided."
  Charles Fillmore  - "Prosperity"

                    When my very good friend, Rev. Leon Bell, came to me and told me that people at the City of Angels Church of Religious Science were asking when we were going to do the prosperity workshop again, I was very pleased to be reminded that it was time to do it again.  The workshop, "Turn Your Change Into Prosperity," was exciting and it is always good to know that this work is making a difference in people's lives.

                    Prosperity, of course, is not limited to money, but our thoughts and beliefs about money have a strong relationship to our self-image.  When most of us have money to share and to spare, we have a greater sense of confidence and self-assurance.  However, as anyone who has ever experienced a shortage of money or the experience of being "broke" can tell you, it is hell ...... that's right hell!  Dr. Joseph Murphy stated that poverty is a "mental disease," and we know that for every effect there is a cause.  The mental attitude that creates lack also creates limitation and low-self-esteem.  As we allow ourselves to become fixated on a problem, the problem magnifies and far too many of us have allowed this mental attitude to become habitual.  However, the mental attitude that creates lack and limitation can be changed and in fact, must be in order to live a full and richly rewarding life.

                   Many people find that their beliefs in lack and limitation bring experiences that challenge and confuse them.  A belief in a lack of companionship can express itself as limited or restricted health.  A belief in a lack of confidence and self-assurance may express itself in a lack of money or in opportunities to express our creative abilities.  We cannot limit the Infinite without having an experience of limitation........ and where it shows up in our experience is unknown to us until it does.  Lack of money isn't always "caused" by a belief in poverty or the old "I can't afford it" attitude.  We must always align ourselves with the Infinite abundance in all things.  There is no lack of any Good thing ... there cannot be.  As we look out into the Universe we see infinite abundance.... an abundance of every Good thing we can imagine.  No one is separate and apart from this abundance except in our minds ... we separate ourselves from it by a belief in lack and limitation.

                  As we cultivate and foster faith in the Infinite, we begin the process of eliminating in our consciousness lack and limitation.  We must remind ourselves consistently that we are a part of Infinity ..... the Infinite Life that God Is.  We must turn from our habit of counting what we have and reminding ourselves of what we do not have.  We must constantly focus on what we want and refrain from thinking about what we do not want.  And most of all, we must know that whatever we have, we have accepted ... and if the measure of our acceptance is too little to fulfill our need, then we must correct this limited measure of acceptance in our very own consciousness.  Abundance Is ...... Infinite Goodness Is. .... Every Good Thing Is .... we don't have to beg for it .... or live a life of limitation ...  it already Is .... awaiting our acceptance.
 And So It Is! 

Living The Way To A Wonderful Life,
Henry Lee Bates               

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