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Sunday, July 08, 2001

".... the happy man is usually healthy and fortunate.  The world says he is happy because he is healthy and fortunate; but the truth is he is healthy and fortunate because he is happy, because a spiritual law is obeyed."  - "The Runner's Bible" by Nora Holm

                       How often do we convince ourselves that Life is not a thing of Joy?  How often do we let the frustrations, anxiety and doubts create feelings that somehow the Joy of Life escapes us?  Joy is not elusive.  It cannot be for Joy is an attribute of Spirit.  Joy is always with us but we must align ourselves with the Divine Urge to reflect it.  Joy, like Love, Harmony, Peace and Wisdom are within each and everyone of us and we have the ability to call It forth, on demand.  But, we must be willing to turn from whatever it is that is disturbing us, to allow Joy to erupt from within us.

                     It does not matter what we may be temporarily experiencing, Joy can lift us out of it!  We must understand that where we are, whatever experience we are in, be it sickness, sadness, loneliness, unemployed or struggling financially, these are but the beginning not the end. 
A beginning of demonstrating triumphant victory, an opportunity to glorify God!  Scripture reads, "My strength is made perfect in thy weakness."  As we begin to feel the Joy of prosperity our financial struggles start to dissolve.  As we begin to feel the Joy of radiant health, our sickness starts to pass away.  As we begin to feel the Joy of loving companionship, our loneliness comes to an end.  "I am the Lord thy God, ... Thou shalt have no other gods before me.This is the 1st Commandment and it is very clear.  What are we giving our attention to?  God or something else?  Joy is a perfectly natural way of feeling.... no matter what .. because we know that nothing and no thing as the power to take our Joy away because Joy is of God, and God Is all there Is, everything unlike God can never be the truth, no matter how overwhelming it may appear.

                     This morning I was driving in Los Angeles and I saw a sign for a local bank that read, "What is better than money?  More Money."  This is the consciousness of so many people and is just so much nonsense.  Millions are spent on the lotteries and games of chance as people look to money as the end-all of happiness, security and joy.  And if we aren't looking for money to give us the feeling of Joy, many of us look to other people.  We are looking for Joy in the wrong things.  Neither money nor other people can give us real Joy, lasting Joy, the Joy that erupts within us with grace and ease, beautifully and naturally.  And yes, we do require money and  people are very important, but we can only get Joy from that which Is Joy - God.  God Is the Joy of knowing that
"Life Is Good - All The Time," whether we have lots of money or a little, whether we are surrounded by people or alone.  Divine Joy can "move the mountains" of fear, worry, debt and fret, for It Is God!
 And So It Is!           

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates

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