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RevBates.tv Global - The Way to a Wonderful Life Message, July 8, 2012 

        "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you are like tombs painted white, which look beautiful from the outside, but inside are full of dead bones and all kinds of corruption. ... Even so, from the outside you appear to men to be righteous, but from within you are full of iniquity and hypocrisy." - Jesus, St. Matthew 23:27-28

The Master Mind Jesus' words in Chapter 23 of the Gospel of Matthew is directed towards those who "say and do not" ... in other words, His words are speaking to the "hypocrisy" of the religious and the self-righteous.  These words appear harsh, but His teaching is speaking to that within all of us who have found a Higher Truth to live by, but fail to do so.  In our modern times we are given much evidence of the "hypocrisy" that permeates the "collective consciousness"; from the religious leaders, from politicians, and from those who have let their "religious beliefs" culminate in an attitude of "superiority" and "self-righteousness."  These are the people who will never feel the Presence of the Spirit within them to any great degree for their minds are so focused on the "sin" or the "seeming mistakes" of others, that they have failed to realize that the "corruption" is in their own minds.  To be "in the Spirit" our mind must be free of all negativity; all that negates the spirit of G-d within us and within anyone.  We must live to those two simple, yet so very difficult for the "worldly mind" to embody, commandments of Jesus; to love G-d and to love everybody.

"You who have begun to realize I AM within, but have not yet learned to commune with Me, listen, and learn now. ... You have learned to "Be Still" and you have perhaps felt My Presence within.  If so, realizing I AM there, ask Me a question.  Then, with a silent, earnest prayer to Me for an answer, but without anxiety, care or personal interest, and with an open mind, wait confidently for the impressions that will come." - The Impersonal Life, Finding Me

       The Master Mind Jesus understood through spiritual realization that not only what we "believe" about ourselves holds us earthbound and separate from the Spirit, but what we "believe" about others as well.  His instruction to "judge not" was an instruction to eliminate the "hypocrisy" from our own mind, heart and soul.  Once hypocrisy and false judgment is eliminated we shall "feel the Presence" within us and this will free our mind to accept a greater realization of our life in the Spirit.  Throughout His ministry, Jesus, was attempting to teach the people to learn to separate the Law of G-d from the laws of man.  To teach us to be able to discern that which is man-made based on culture and the false power of the world, and that All-Power, Spirit and Intelligence that is woven through our soul by the G-d that makes it all.

       Jesus said "I go to prepare a place for you" ... and in this we know that His teachings, once understood, will prepare a place in our consciousness to accept the Presence of G-d in our lives ... and that which the Spirit within us is attempting to bring to our awareness.  Our life experience goes through many dimensions of spiritual awareness and understanding.  This is why Jesus said "in my Father's house there are many mansions" ... in other words, there is a place for all of us in the kingdom of G-d ... in the Spirit in which we live, move and have our being.  No matter what seeming mistakes we have made or what we have done or failed to do, there is a place for us in the Spirit.  And the best place for us is that place where we find that we can realize that within us, is that which is Greater than that which is in the world.  

"Should a thought come in answer that you recognize as what you have heard or read somewhere, cast it out immediately, and say, "No."  Father, what do you say? ... Other thoughts may come from other human sources, but if you are alert you will recognize them as such and refuse to accept them.  Then if you persist in asking Me, you will finally get an answer that you will feel is really from Me. ... "But seek ye first the kingdom of God (being interpreted His consciousness) and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." - The Impersonal Life, Finding Me

     When we persist in
"tapping on the door of our consciousness" seeking a greater realization and awareness of the good that we seek to experience, at a deeper level, the level of our soul, we are seeking validation that G-d is Present, and that G-d is loving us.  "Let not your heart be troubled, for it is the Father's good pleasure to give to you," The Master Mind Jesus said.  This validation comes to our mind as the "answered prayer" that without the responsiveness of the Living Spirit, we could not have realized.  How we arrive at this "good result" that we seek may happen for us in many ways.  No one way will be the same for everyone.  Some will arrive at this through silent prayer.  Others will arrive at it through chanting or song.  And others will find it through EFT Tapping or through a realization gained from reading or studying the scriptures or other spiritual or religious writings.  The Spirit is never limited and although It is "impersonal" ... we must "personalize" the power, the spirit and the intelligence and identify with it in our own way.  Yet, whatever way that we "arrive" at the right way for us for whatever particular issue or condition that we seek to heal, prosper or bless, our beginning must always involve a love for G-d and for All that is of G-d.  And this means we "must" give "G-d" our undivided attention more often than we do.

     And finally, from The Impersonal Life, we learn to "tap on the door of our consciousness" with certainty.  Tap on your consciousness with these words: 
"Be still!  And KNOW, - I AM, _ GOD.  KNOW I AM your LIFE.  KNOW All Wisdom, All Love, All Power abides in this Life, which is flowing freely through your entire being NOW. ... I AM the LIFE, I AM the INTELLIGENCE, I AM the POWER in all Substance, - in all the cells of your body; in the cells of the mineral, vegetable and animal matter; in fire, water and air; in Sun, Moon and Stars.  I AM that in you and in them which IS.  Their consciousness is One with your consciousness, and All is My Consciousness.  Through My Consciousness in them All that they have or are is yours - for the asking. ... Speak to them then IN MY NAME (I AM). ... Speak in the Consciousness of your Oneness with Me. ... Speak in the Consciousness of My Power in you and of My Intelligence in them. .. Speak - COMMAND what You WILL in this Consciousness,   - and the Universe will rush to obey."


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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