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Rev. Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (July 9, 2006)      

               "Our desires are only there to let the Presence guide us into expressing and living the Presence in a more dynamic way to let our potential be experienced and revealed." - Dr. Tom Johnson, Action Does It

         Recently I read a news article regarding the changes in the Christian Science organization in the past 10-15 years.  According to the article Christian Science membership has diminished greatly although the organization remains financially stable.  Now, I do not teach Christian Science, but ... I have the greatest respect for Christian Science practitioners and those who study and practice the principles taught in Christian Science.  However, my argument, if you would call it that, with Christian Science is that I do not believe a practitioner ever has the right to tell a client either to consult or not to consult medical practitioners.  My practice is to always respect the liberty and volition of the client.

      The article also cites a critic of Christian Science who has written a book in which she states that Christian Science has really become unnecessary as the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies have developed new medical techniques and drug therapies to heal people of their physical ailments and therefore spiritual healing is no longer needed.  Now, this is an amazing statement when we find that there are more people in modern America in hospitals and taking prescription drugs then ever before.

     I agree that modern medicine has made great strides in curing the ailments of the physical body ... but it certainly has not involved itself to any great degree in healing the "spirit" of its patients.  Most of us know people who have used medico for healing of various physical diseases.  And many of these people have been cured ... but the process in many cases, has been gruesome to say the least.  And most of us are aware from the television commercials advertising prescription drugs that the list of side-effects can fill almost half of  the commercial.  What is the benefit of a drug treatment that brings its own set of ailments with it?  Medicine is valid ... but it is only a cure ... no one is ever healed through medico alone.  Healing requires a change in consciousness and a change in consciousness is a choice that comes from within the individual ... and as of yet ... there is no drug that can change consciousness.

     Why have so many people been lulled into a resignation of accepting medical diagnoses?  I believe that in great part the reason is that we have not learned to use our mind with confidence.  The Master Mind Jesus stated, "it is done unto you as you believe" ... and only in our mind can we believe anything.  But ... it takes great courage to believe that our "mind can heal" us ... and I believe that courage is more important than even faith ... for many people who have yet to develop faith have had the courage to use their mind to heal themselves.  Faith came after the healing was demonstrated.

     There will be those who will write to me and tell me that no one heals themselves, only God heals ... but God cannot heal anyone unless we make the choice to be healed.  Does God only heal through spiritual or mental methods? ... no, I don't believe so.  I believe that God heals through all things and perhaps we will heal while using medico along with our spiritual study and practice ... but the healing is from God ... through our choice or decision to be healed.  However, when a "dependency" is created in our thinking or beliefs, on medico ... a cure is about the best we can hope for.  And perhaps we will find a cure for the stomach problem with medico ... and then find ourselves with another ailment or symptom to deal with later on.  Why? ... because the consciousness has not changed ... and once again, I will reiterate, consciousness can only be changed through mind.

     Throughout history it has been proven that the "mind" is powerful.  Few of us have experienced the greatness of our mind.  And the reason we have not is because we do not make a greater demand upon it ... too often we think so small in comparison to the potential available through our minds.  From Dr. Tom Johnson's book, "Action Does It" - "There is That within you, the Presence and Power of God, that knows what it is as you.  That idea going into subconscious mind reveals the qualities of being that It is as you because Mind must respond.  You can make your demand upon Mind to reveal to you what God is in a greater way.  My concept of God is my concept; it is not yours.  God is individualized within you.  Make your claim upon Mind for what you need to know, as you need to know it.  As you really listen to your desires, you shall find your answers."

Spiritual study is not so much about healing, as it is about developing the consciousness to eliminate discord or the opportunity for discord in our lives.  As we wake up our mind to a greater decision for our life ... and Mind will respond to us ... It has responded to me so very many times and to so many others ... and if It responds to one ... It responds to all ... all we need do is wake up our minds to the possibilities of a powerful mind!

And So It Is!  

Maximum Love,
Rev. Bates

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St. Francis of Assisi