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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (July 10, 2005)      

         Socrates: "Know thyself."

This ministry gets questions and requests for prayer treatment from people all over the world who are looking for someone to inspire them to remain faithful or to move-through conditions in their lives that are troubling to them.  Oftentimes, these requests will come from people with what the world calls "incurable diseases" ... but this world belief is not now nor has it ever been true ... nothing is incurable ... there are only things which have been magnified in our minds as more severe and hopeless than others.  But, since we are all human and live in the world to a great degree we do accept this as true ... even if for only a moment or two.  However, most of us know that as we turn to God ... we are automatically turning to the "opposite" of incurable ... we are turning to the Good.

Not too long ago I received a request from a minister seeking prayer treatment.  This minister had worked in prayer ministry for over twenty years ... and had helped countless numbers of people.  But now, this minister was experiencing numerous physical illnesses and needed help.  His message to me was filled with a great belief in illness ... but also a great faith in God.  He wrote, "I know that suffering is part of this world for the Book of James is filled with suffering ... and our only escape from suffering is to receive our salvation in heaven away from this cruel world of suffering.  I am so looking forward to God taking me home to His glory."

       As I stated before, this minister had helped countless of other people ... but somehow his belief in suffering remained steadfast and immovable in his mind.  Believing in a "god out there in the clouds" ... automatically creates within us a sense of "separation from God" ... and in this sense of separation, people most often feel they must appease God ... and oftentimes will even attempt to manipulate God ... as though God were a human that had to be charmed or coaxed into helping us.  This is a perverse idea of God ... but it so often is demonstrated in the lives of people because it is a belief that they have held most of their lives ... and when the subconscious mind and the conscious mind agree on a thing ... it is demonstrated.

The good minister, although very well versed in the Book of James, had forgotten the Book of Job and the great statement of Truth given to the world by Job:  "that which I have greatly feared as come upon me."  He had even forgotten the great lesson of the Master Mind Jesus, "as you believe, so it is done unto you" ... both fear and belief are creations of the mind ... and it is in our mind ... not the whim of some capricious god ... that creates our turmoil.  And many will say, "if it is God's will then I will be healed" ... once again this is a statement looking outside of our own mind ... God does not "will" anything for us ... He created us as volitional beings ... we can choose ... God does not choose for us.  We must make the decision or choice to be healthy, to be happy, to be wealthy, to be successful ... because if we do not choose ... then the collective consciousness will choose for us ... and in a world filled with a belief in illness, poverty and failure ... guess what we will get?  We are not powerless ... we are not victims ... we can choose from a state of mind that is definite and decisive ... recognizing our Divine right to be ... whatever we choose to be ... to have or to do.

        As the great Socrates stated, "know thyself" ... we must know the Truth about our self ... we must "recognize" that we are created in the very image and likeness of the Divine ... and then we must be persistent and faithful in actualizing the Truth of our Being in our affairs ... in all that we do ... by choosing success ... by choosing prosperity ... by choosing to use the "power of choice" rightly ... and use it in all things that concern us ... choose health in the face of illness ... choose prosperity in the face of financial lack ... and choose Life ... right here where we are ... there is no more heavenly place than right where we are ... which is right where ... God Is.

And So It Is!  

Maximum Love
Rev. Hank Bates

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