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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for July 10, 2011 

                       "The ancient Hebrew mystics who wrote the Bible said that the devil is God upside-down.  In other words, the devil is God as He [God] is misunderstood by ignorant and primitive people.  The devil of theologians does not exist; it was created by them to account for the evil in the world.  Evil, however, comes from our misunderstanding or misuse and misapplication of the One Power. ... "The essence of hell," says Swedenborg, " is the desire to control another."  The devils are negative, destructive thought-forms, which result in negative, destructive emotions compelling the person to act them out.  Negative, destructive emotions hidden in the subconscious must have an outlet resulting in all manner of chaos and suffering." - Dr. Joseph Murphy, How To Use The Laws Of Mind

Several years ago I was sitting in a church service and was enjoying the message that was being presented; it was interesting, developed around a spiritual principle, and all in all, very inspiring.  But, after the collection was taken the minister instructed the audience that there were people available to pray for all of those in need of a healing prayer.  The minister told the audience that working with someone to pray for you was something they personally recommended and something they personally did.  By this time I was oblivious to whatever was being said after that.  I thought, now why does this minister think this audience requires healing rather than see them in the way that G-d sees them; perfect just the way they are?  I believe that our consciousness will lead us to the right and perfect spiritual healer/counselor/minister/practitioner, if we are in need of their services.  But, for a minister to see people in need of healing rather than seeing G-d being revealed in the beautiful souls in front of them ... tells me someone needs a healing ... and it is not necessarily the ones listening to the sermon!

A few years back I attended a service at a Baptist Church and the preacher "yelled at the audience" ... "you are all sinners, all of you!"  ... "but Jesus can save you!"  Yet, the radical Jesus told us, "you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free."  Why?  Because there is Something within us that already knows the Truth, and when we read it, hear it, or think it, we agree with it.  This Something within us is Intelligence which is the attribute of G-d often overlooked by religion.  And it will serve us well if each day we take the time to affirm this Intelligence is within us ... guiding us and directing us to discern what is Truth and what is not.

     As I wrote a few weeks back, negativity has been imposed upon us by a universal belief in good and evil.  This, to me, is a fact and the truth.  Yet, each and every one of us has the power within us to choose to live with the negative impositions or not.  We can be influenced by many negative things and many negative people in our world, but our power to choose is greater than anyone else's ideas and beliefs about us.  

Most of us do not believe in what the  theologians call the "devil" ... but we do believe in obstructions, delay, lack and limitation, so whether we call these the "devil" or not, we have some work to do in our mind.  We cannot allow our mind to see anything less than the good as "reality" for if we do believe that the negativity is real, for ourselves or for others, we will find that once entertained and accepted in our mind, it will be revealed as such in our experience.  Our true reality is a reflection of the qualities of G-d, Infinite Spirit, in our experience.  As we ponder the nature of G-d in prayer and meditation, it is impossible to believe that G-d can be anything other than good, infinite good.

     Dr. Ernest Holmes writes in his book, "Discover a Richer Life" ... "Let us believe in that Something bigger than we are, and come to trust It.  It had intelligence enough to make everything, including ourselves; It governs by Law which controls everything, including ourselves.  Why shouldn't we have an unlimited faith in It?"

The radical Jesus' teachings were so simple and what he said for himself he was saying for all of us.  How do we know this, because he said, "Our Father" ... not "my father" ... and so we know he understood that we are all "One with the Father" ... One with this infinite Intelligence that created all that we see and all that we can imagine for ourselves.  "Let not your heart be troubled," the mystical Jesus said, and let us not let anyone tell us that we have a "troubled heart" ... but, instead, be steadfast in our faith that this Something Greater, this Our Father, is always seeking to live through us, as us and for us, as joy and happiness, as love and peace, as beauty and harmony, and as success and prosperity.

     Just as "evil" is the word "live" spelled backwards; negativity, illness, poverty and lack, is G-d upside-down ... G-d is the Good ... all the good that we can think for ourselves.  Let us not misunderstand G-d's Love for us and lose our faith in that which sustains us and maintains us in the highest idea we can think of for ourselves. Who we are is important, not only to the people in our lives, but important to the Spirit that moves through our heart, our mind, and our soul, throughout eternity ... we are here, because G-d "caused" us to be ... we are happy, healthy, loved, and prosperous ... because we see G-d as our Good ... our All-In-All.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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