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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates 
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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for July 11, 2010 

                   "While you may in some respects be the product of your past, that must be forgotten.  You must rise above that conception.  Life is constantly starting new endeavors.  The past is gone.  Your true spiritual discernment knows only beginnings- all things new. ... You were born into the light.  Your way is clear.  You are being now where you are." - Dr. Robert H. Bitzer, Collected Essays

     The Spirit that dwells within each of us is not bound by conditions or our past, It is always seeking to express something new.  We can look at nature and we can see that this is true for all things are growing and changing constantly.  It is this energy of Life moving through all things that cannot be stopped in Its expression of growth and expansion.  This is why we can become depressed when we are thinking that nothing is advancing in our lives because we are accepting something in our mind that is never true.  No matter what the appearance of the conditions of the things in our lives may be, change is taking place.  It is up to us to recognize that this is so and in doing so, we direct the change to that which we desire it to be.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale wrote in his book, "You Can If You Think You Can" ... "You can think your way through anything." ... "... Think; just think.  You can, if you exercise will and persistence and mental calmness, think your way through anything.  Your great tool is mind.  With mind you have power over all conditions and circumstances and over any problem however difficult.  You can if you think you can and if you think straight. ... Just think.  All the answers to your problems are resident in your mind, but they are being blocked off because of your strong emotional reactions, even panic.  One thing is sure; the human mind will not function creatively when it is hot.  Only when it is cool - absolutely cool - will it deliver these factual, rational, intellectual insights which produce solutions that solve."

As we think about the things in our lives, do they bring us a sense of joy, a feeling of success, enthusiasm and excitement?  It is possible for each of us to feel these things about our lives and to experience them daily.  We have it within us to know that whatever we were to have learned from our past, we have learned it and now we are ready to move forward with confidence knowing that there is nothing to prevent us from experiencing more and more good except the belief that we can't.  Many people continue to hold the belief that the past repeats itself.  This is not the truth for us as this would imply that our consciousness is made of cement rather than the substance of Spirit.  No matter what we have labeled our past experiences, good or bad, everything that has ever happened has expanded our awareness and therefore our consciousness.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale cautions us against strong emotional reactions to our problems and circumstances.  And it is these strong emotional reactions that maintain fragments of past experiences in our consciousness.  As we develop within our mind a reaction to past events as "experiences" rather than labeling them either good or bad, maddening or marvelous, we will find that we lessen the degree of emotion that is attached to them and as we do this repeatedly, we eliminate the emotional conflicts from our consciousness.

We have great potential within us for we each have access to the spiritual power that will sustain us as we discern that which we want to experience more of and in what way we want to experience it.  This spiritual power is woven through our power to choose ... when we choose we use this power.  And so we must be definite in choosing to make a fresh start and we can make this fresh start at any point in time that we choose to.  Our outer experiences are expressions of our awareness and we are aware within our mind ... this inner awareness is projected into our personal experiences.  

     As we accept the idea of a fresh start ... a new beginning ... we can project this awareness into our work, our personal relationships, our finances and our health.  We can look at all these things for that something "new" that will come to our awareness.  That something "new" is there for all of us ... and we can become aware of it ... by insisting that we do in our mind.

     From Dr. Frank Richelieu:
"You are not just human.  You are divine, and I am sure you accept this mentally, but do you really believe it; do you really feel it; do you really accept it?  When you do, you will know intuitively that you and the Infinite Presence are one and that all the Creator has is yours.  You will know that one cycle of your life is finished and that a new one has begun.  You will feel a new surge of life and you will know that you have made a breakthrough to a higher dimension of consciousness.  That's what spiritual science is all about.  It is doing us no good if it does not inspire us to complete one cycle of our lives and make a breakthrough into a higher dimension, if it does not constantly open new doors to us and new avenues to be explored."


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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