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Weekly Message for Sunday, July 13, 2003

                     This past Sunday I watched the very interesting Benny Hinn on television.  Actually, I not only watched him but I watched his audience for a full two hours.  During this show Benny Hinn criticized other Christian ministers who were not teaching in the same way as himself and I am positive he would dismiss this ministry completely.  His audience was very receptive to his message and also the healing work that he performed.  Benny used the name Satan almost as much as he used the name Jesus ... it was a fascinating program filled with on one hand, a declaration of God's love and on the other hand how powerful Satan is.  Benny at one point stated that Satan told him that he, Satan, would give him anything he wanted in the world if he would give up his ministry .......... now those who understand only a literal interpretation of the Bible know that Satan offered the same to Jesus ... so in effect, Benny was stating that his ministry was equal to that of Jesus.  Benny went on to say that Satan has appeared to him many times.  He told the audience he even called his wife to witness one appearance.  

As I watched the faces of his audience, I felt a great wave of compassion sweep through me ... right to my heart.  The men and women in this audience were coming to Benny for help ... for a greater understanding of God ... a greater connection with the Infinite ... and all they were getting was more fear-based judgment and a false God called Satan.   Believe me, Satan is not a man ... a BIG EVIL MAN anymore than God is the BIG GUY IN THE SKY ... these childish fairytales must end in our minds or so many of us will continue to allow our minds to be filled with fear.  And of course, I believe that Benny Hinn sees Satan ... because I know the Truth ... and the Truth is .. "it is done unto you as you believe."  But ... why would we want to believe so strongly in evil that our belief manifests in the appearance of a Satan?  Jesus stated, "get thee behind me Satan."  Now, if Satan was  something other than a false idea in our mind ... would Jesus have said get thee behind me ... I don't think so.  I believe that ministers and priests have used satans and devils to hold people in fear ... fear of making their own decisions.  This fear stops so many people from having a truly beneficial and loving relationship with God.  Fear holds people in bondage to the priests, the ministers and the churches ... but Spirit is free ... and the spirit of man/woman is God ... and this freedom will be expressed ... and Benny Hinn and the rest of those who use fear to manipulate people will see this soon enough.

Dr. Joseph Murphy has done a tremendous work in bringing to light the truth that our subconscious mind will automatically demonstrate for us what we give it ... and as long as we give it images and thoughts of what we don't want .. what we don't have ... or an over emphasis in our thoughts of evil .. our subconscious will validate this to us.  It is as simple as "it is done unto you as you believe."  Benny Hinn's words flow from his thoughts and his beliefs ... and those who are attracted to his work share much of his thoughts and beliefs or they would not be attracted to him ... however, this attraction can diminish quickly with spiritual understanding.

      Fear is the antithesis of Faith ... and as scripture states, "perfect love casts out fear."  Both our fear and our faith will manifest in our experiences.  Benny Hinn is proof of this ... his fear sees a Satan and his faith performs healings ... imagine how powerful his healing work would be without the fear ... without the thoughts of God and something else (Satan) filling his consciousness and without the necessity to fill his audiences with fear and intimidation.  Each of us must look at our lives ... and we must be honest about the level of fear that we allow to be resident in our consciousness.  If we are praying or doing treatment work and nothing is happening ... then something is amiss in our consciousness ... that something is fear ... and fear is a false god ... for it separates us from our Good and from God. 


 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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