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Sunday, July 15, 2001

Matthew 14:31 - Jesus immediately reached out his hand and caught him, saying to him,
 "O man of little faith, why did you doubt?"
                       Why did we doubt?  I am certain each and every one of us has asked ourselves this question, perhaps more than a few times during our life.  Often people come into this teaching and learn a little and then expect demonstrations of health, wealth, success and wonderful relationships to happen overnight.  I attribute some of this expectation of "magic" solutions to many of the writers and teachers of metaphysics.  Many of them talk from the demonstration that they have made but fail to inform the reader that until they made their demonstration that gave them the "experience of truth," they spent much time in prayer and meditation and even more time moving through whatever their experience was (sickness, poverty, low self worth) with clenched teeth denying the appearances and affirming the truth (Good).  They did not change their consciousness overnight, I can assure you.

                      "To him that much is given, much is required."  We cannot escape this truth.  For most of us we must begin to dramatically change how we view the world we live in.  Whatever the vision for our life may be, we probably have many conditions, circumstances and evidence that it is not what we have now.  But, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" so we must work on what we are "seeing."  We must build a greater evidence, a more powerful sense, of the things not seen than the evidence and sense of what we see.  The Power within us, whether we choose to call it our Higher Self, the Christ, the Holy Spirit or whatever, responds to our convictions, our persistent Faith and beliefs.  We must make our Faith active by looking away from the appearance of that which we no longer want, and we must turn from the thoughts of it and build a consciousness of that which we do want, a conviction so solid and strong that no matter what we see in the visible we can turn within and with confidence and calm assurance claim, "none of these things move me."

                     We build this conviction by closing our eyes to the world that we see.  Most of us don't need to look at it much anyway since it can look pretty much the same until we change our view of it.  With our eyes closed we can begin to allow the creative process to fill our imagination with purpose and conditions and circumstances that are filled with every Good thing we can imagine for ourselves and more.  As we begin this process of closing our eyes and visualizing what we "now" choose to see in the place of what we see with our eyes open, we begin to tap into the One Infinite Mind, that is not limited by our individual experiences, knowledge and understanding.  As we allow this process to unfold and remain "open" by "loosing" the limitations and restrictions we have "self-imposed" on our minds, we begin to "see" more than what we have experienced, more than our "old" way of seeing could possibly give evidence to.  As we see with our eyes closed our Divine Imagination begins Its perfect work of expanding our consciousness, our awareness of the infinite possibilities of Life.  Our Imagination is not limited by the material, by time and space nor by the facts.  Remember, facts change, the Truth does not.  The Truth Is, we are One with God - not with limitation, lack and restriction.

                   GOD LOVES BIG - GOD IS INFINITE - WE MUST BELIEVE THAT THIS POWER AND PRESENCE THAT IS WITHIN EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS!!  BIG MOUNTAINS!!  So, whatever the "mountain" may appear to be that blocks us from our very Good, we must build our Faith and it will be removed.  We begin very simply -  "Close Your Eyes And See!"

 And So It Is!           

Letting Love use me in Its own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates