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Rev. Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (July 16, 2006)      

               "Imagination carries with it feeling and conviction, which means life and action.  It awakens within us all the inner forces of nature and stirs into action latent powers which otherwise would never come to the surface." ... - Dr. Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

        Albert Einstein stated that "imagination is more important than knowledge" and few would argue with this statement.  Imagination takes us beyond what is known to the unknown ... from what is seen to the Great Un-seen ... it takes us beyond anything that we have experienced to something new.

      Imagination is of the Mind ... and all that we imagine is already in the One Mind coming to our awareness through our mind.  Imagination changes our experience by changing the image we have of ourselves.  Using our imagination we can experience, in our mind, great success, great romance, great wealth, restored health and great happiness.  Imagination is not limited to the physical or the material ... it transcends all that we can see, hear, feel, taste and touch ... it can excite us, thrill us ... whatever we choose to feel ... it is up to us to imagine it.

     Mediocrity thrives in a mind that lacks imagination ... and craves to be still lest it be challenged.  If we imagine small, we get small.  It is that simple.  The only limits that we have are the self-imposed limits we place on our imaginations.  We must trigger out imagination with our thoughts ... "think" that we can know beyond what is already known ... and we can know beyond what is already known.  Limit ourselves to the labels that the world has attached to us ... and these labels will bind our imagination.  This life is too short to live within the constraints of labels or mediocrity.  We can use our imagination to push the limits of our experiences in life ... we can defy the labels that the world foolishly attaches to us and create within our imagination something far greater than the label would define.  Labels such as wife, mother, father, brother, son, daughter, employee, boss, etc. ... attempt to categorize us into living within the world's expectations of what these are to the world ... we are not men and women, male and female ... we are more than this  ... we are Spirit ... not physical ... and there is within us the way to be more in all these things than what the world might expect ... or respect ... but we are not here to live for the world's opinions.

     The Master Mind Jesus stated, "don't ye know that ye are gods?" ... and of course, no one did ... and few know this today.  For we cannot know what we have not experienced ... we can only have an "opinion" about it.  And we will never know more than the opinions of others unless we begin to live our individual reality of who we are.  We must let go of chasing others for their opinions; this author or that author, this teacher or that teacher, ministers, priests, rabbis, popes ... the Dalai Lamas and the gurus ... and begin to live from our imagination ... we are not here to live to their "opinions" but to find the "god" within ourselves!  And we will never find it as long as we look to someone else to find it for us ... they can't  ... they can only find their own "god" within ... no one else's.

     We will never experience our "god-self" through our intellect ... our intellect and our ego will cheat us of this experience.  If the Radical Jesus used His intellect ... based on the knowledge of the world ... He would never have believed that He could do the things that He did.  Wow, what an imagination He had ... He stated, "I am the light of the world" ... and He meant it! ... in reality He was not referring to himself but to the "god" within Him ... but His statement went against all that the "world" believed in then ... and still does. 
When Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. boldly proclaimed, "I have a dream" ... he was speaking from his imagination ... and believing in a dream that few people of his time could truly conceive of.

We must begin to start "going out of our head" ... going beyond our intellect ... our knowledge ... and loose our imagination to create a life worth living ... not just a life lived.  Within each of us is so much more than we are aware of ... our imagination is the "pearl of great price" ... it can take us places we have only dreamed of ... it can give us experiences that will thrill us ... experiences that we have yet to know of ... and nothing or nobody can stop us from our onward and upward spiral of bliss ... of feeling the ecstasy of Life, Love and Joy ... right here and right now!

And So It Is!  

Maximum Love,
Rev. Bates

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St. Francis of Assisi