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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (July 17, 2005)      

         "Beyond the obstruction ... is the Un-Obstructed." (unknown) - "I know I am drawing my good to me.  There is a Silent Power of Attraction within me which is irresistible." - Ernest Holmes

First of all, I want to own up to the fact that I got the title above from a video title being sold by Joyce Meyer of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Inc. ... for those of you who don't know who she is, she is one of the leading evangelical ministers in the country today ... and very GOP.  I don't really recommend it but in the spirit of fairness, you can order it at:  www.joycemeyer.org for $20.00 U.S. funds.  The reason I took the title is that I received a copy of Joyce's July 2005 newsletter ... both Joyce and I are from Missouri, the "Show-Me State" ... in other words, traditionally people from Missouri expect "proof" for whatever it is that you are telling them ... don't tell me ... show me.  Actually, that is a fair description of the Science of Mind as well ... what we know, we can demonstrate ... and no more.  So ... I decided to let Joyce "show-me" what she's all about.

In Joyce's article, "Beauty for Ashes," she details what her life was like before she was "born again."  She used two captions to the article that are outstanding:  "True healing comes from understanding God's PERFECT LOVE" and "God will use EVERY FRAGMENT of your broken life for good!" ... she also writes that we "should be conscious and aware of God's love and put faith in it."  All three of these statements are powerful ... but then Joyce writes "realize that the devil's goal is to separate you and me from God's love ..." ... too bad, this was going so well ... but then I would not be writing this if Joyce really went "DEEPER" would I?

      Joyce wrote that "Jesus is no respecter of persons" ... but in Truth the statement is that "God is no respecter of persons" ... and this is where Joyce begins to twist the Bible statements to current Christian evangelical theology.  The Master Mind Jesus was referring to this statement when He stated, "these things I do and greater things still shall you do" ... and we can add, "because God is no respecter of persons."  Then Joyce goes on with quotes from Isaiah to support her statement; "Jesus stands ready and willing to heal you" ... then she writes from Isaiah 61:3, "To all who mourn ... he will give:  Beauty for ashes; Joy instead of mourning; Praise instead of heaviness." ... now, Isaiah was so convinced that what He was teaching was the absolute Truth of God that He preached naked for three years!  Joyce should have read more of Isaiah, "I, I am the Lord, thou shall have no savior but me" ... Isaiah is telling us in no uncertain terms that God Is It ... that we are to look to no one but God for anything ... that God Is All-In-All ... and as we establish this in our consciousness we will realize that our only "saving" is through our own consciousness.  God can only do for us, what God can do through us.  Jesus knew this ... but then He wasn't attempting to start a new religion ... He was just teaching the Truth!  The Bible has been manipulated and changed and rearranged so much by those who want to use it for their own purposes ... which is why we have 26 interpretations of the Bible in use.  I noted that Joyce refers to the TLB version of the Bible ... "The Living Bible" as it is commonly called ... interpreted and rewritten by a father so his small children could understand it without asking too many questions.

       Joyce ends this article with the following:  "My friend, God loves you with an everlasting, unconditional love.  He WILL heal you ... everywhere you hurt.  Surrender your life to Him today and every day.  Pour your heart out to Him in prayer.  Spend time meditating on, memorizing, and speaking His Word instead of believing how you feel or what others say.  As you do, you will be transformed into a triumphant trophy of God's grace!" 

      The paragraph above is the best paragraph in the article ... but ... keep in mind, it is God, not Jesus, not Krishna, not Mohammed, not Buddha, not anyone or anything but God ... that heals.  As we meditate, surrendering our feelings, our emotions and our doubts and fears ... until we can say with ease, "I am at peace" ... then we can affirm the Good that we desire to see demonstrated ... or affirm that we know the answer to our problems ... and then, as we "enter into the closet of our own mind" and shut out all things outside of us ... give power only to God ... and know that God is PRESENT with us ... then, and only then, do we go DEEPER IN GOD.

And So It Is!  

Maximum Love
Rev. Hank Bates

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"I have been all things unholy.  If God can work through me, He can work
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