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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (July 18, 2004)         

         I love my life?"  And the next best question is ... do we love our life?  This is one of the most important questions we must ask ourselves, for indeed it is our lack of love for our life that moves us into experiences that decrease our enthusiasm for life and increases our struggles and dissatisfaction with life.

           Dr. Ernest Holmes wrote a book titled, "This Thing Called Life," and the most important message this book gives us, is to understand Life in a greater way.  As we understand "This Thing Called Life" we realize that it is not our Life in Reality ... it is God's Life ... created in His image and likeness ... to express Life on this earth plane.  All of the most important qualities of Life; Love, Joy, Happiness, Intelligence, Harmony and Peace ... the very things that we want to experience more of  ... are God.  And we don't have to beg or plead for them ... all we must do is allow ourselves to open our minds to the Idea that God wants to express more and more of these qualities through us ... more Love, more Joy, more Happiness, more Intelligence, more Harmony and more Peace.  "It is the Father's Good Pleasure," the Master Mind Jesus stated, "to give more and more of all these things to us."  So what can we do to have more of the things that bring us joy and happiness, peace and love?

          Joel Osteen, Pastor of the Lakewood Church outside of Houston, Texas, writes in his new book, "Your Best Life Now," that our journey to a brighter future begins with these Seven Steps: 
                   One: Enlarge your vision
                   Two: Develop a healthy self-image
                   Three: Discover the power of your thoughts and words
                   Four: Let go of the past
                   Five: Find strength through adversity
                   Six: Live to give
                   Seven: Choose to be happy

          And the way all these things and more can be accomplished is by making the decision that "I LOVE MY LIFE" ... not how it is going to be ... when I feel better or when I have more money or when so and so loves me ....  or how it was ... the wonderful days of youth or the times when everything seemed perfect  ... but by registering in our consciousness that "I LOVE MY LIFE NOW!" ... and if I don't ... I am the one making the decision not to ... no one else has any thing to say about it ... no power to change my mind ... it is me and only me who can make this decision and stick to it. 

        "It IS the Father's Good pleasure to give us the kingdom" ... but not even God can force us to accept It!  And our not accepting IT, creates our weariness and our depressions ... but as we follow the simple steps outlined by Joel Osteen above ... and we declare and affirm daily and often that "I LOVE MY LIFE!" ... we will ... more and more every day!   

And So It Is!

Maximum Love
Rev. Hank Bates

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