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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for July 19, 2009 

                      "The treasure house of infinity is within you.  You have the key which unlocks the storehouse of all kinds of treasures. ... You have the key to the most wonderful and marvelous power in the world - the power of the Infinite within you.  The Bible says, ... Behold, the kingdom of God is within you (Luke 17:21).  Seek first the knowledge and awareness of this inner Presence and Power, and all things that you want shall be added unto you."  -  Dr. Joseph Murphy, Infinite Power for Richer Living

       The words of the Master Mind Jesus, "Behold, the kingdom of God is within you," are powerful words that are the foundation of a consciousness of abundance, prosperity and money.  It is an awareness within our mind that there is a power within us that will provide for us and supply us with all our needs ... those things we label as necessities and those things that we seek simply to enjoy.

          Many people block themselves mentally from becoming aware of this "kingdom within" by either one of two things; withholding or holding against.  Whenever we withhold something, all the while feeling an impulse to give ... we create a state of mind that believes that if we give, we have less.  And this translates into a "lack consciousness."  Many people live stark lives devoid of luxury in any form, because they withhold even from themselves.  They live in fear of the "rainy day" when they will need the money for an emergency or fear that if they spend the money they will not get more.  Dr. Bitzer once stated that his family never saved for a "rainy day" because they didn't plan on having any "rainy days."  And Dr. Bitzer had a powerful prosperity consciousness.  Now, I am not stating here that we should never save money, but our saving should be based on a plan for something good, not a fear of having our money taken away from us by a calamity or loss.  Money is never our security ... our awareness that there is a power that will always provide for us, is our security.

      Now, I have stated this before, but I am going to repeat it here once again ... if we hold something against someone ... we are holding up a shield mentally that will block us from receiving our good.  The subconscious mind does not analyze ... it takes what we give it, our thoughts and our beliefs ... and acts on it.  Whatever we "hold against" anyone ... we are holding against our self, for we experience what is in our own minds, not someone else's.  In other words, we are blocking ourselves from some form of good that we will never realize in our experience until we release this hold against another.  Our mind cannot be open to "the kingdom of G-d within you" and be holding something against someone at the same time.  It is as simple as we can't drink a glass of cold water and a glass of hot water at the same time ... what we would be drinking will be lukewarm ... neither cold or hot.  And so it is with our state of mind.  Prosperity is one with a mind that is free ... and so our mind must be free of anything unlike the Good we desire to experience in life.  Negatives held in consciousness can be very subtle, but they always withhold something Good from us, whether it be wealth, health, happiness, peace, success or love.

     Now, some people may think that this "withholding" and "holding against" are not that important, after all, most people aren't thinking these thoughts constantly or even every day.  But, we don't have to repeat something every day for it to become a pattern in our consciousness, and as I stated above, the subconscious mind acts automatically based on our accepted beliefs and ideas.  And this becomes even more of a factor in our demonstrating the good life when we realize that no one answers our prayers for us ... not even G-d.  We answer our own prayers based on our own faith and beliefs.  The Master Mind Jesus said to the man who was blind:  "Recover your sight, your faith has made thee well" (Luke 18:42).  Jesus said "your faith" ... not my faith, or my ability to heal, but "your faith."  In other words, the man answered his own prayer by his faith.

     As we examine our thoughts and the ideas that we hold within our mind, we can identify what is blocking our "money consciousness" ... we have it ... for the "kingdom of G-d is within" ... everyone.  Imagine, for a moment, that all the good that we desire for ourselves is right at hand ... we can see it in our mind ... the new home, the fabulous vacation, the marvelous new clothes, the evenings spent in nightclubs and fine restaurants ... whatever it is that we can imagine for ourselves is available.  The Master Mind Jesus could just as easily have said to a poor man, "recover your money, your faith has made thee wealthy" ... for it is the same faith and belief that is necessary to develop a "money consciousness."  But, first, we must stop the withholding, from ourselves and from others, and the holding something against someone, now.

     Remember, the "kingdom of G-d is within you" ... not in your circumstances, your conditions, or in other people's opinions.  We can look out into our world and see reasons for excuses, for defeat or for something against us ... or we can look within and identify our money consciousness by bringing to our conscious mind the images and feelings of having all the money that we need, when we need it ... and keep faith with it.  As a modern mystic stated, "money is G-d in action" ... so, let's activate money in our lives by identifying our money consciousness.  "The kingdom of G-d is within you" ... now.  Let's not lose sight of It.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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