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Weekly Message for Sunday, July 21, 2002 
"The Spirit is the unlimited essence of Love, Wisdom, and Power, all three in one, undifferentiated and waiting to be differentiated by
appropriation, that is , by the individual claiming to be the channel of their differentiation."
 -  Thomas Troward, The Edinburgh Lectures  

                     Dr. Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science, credited Thomas Troward with at least 25% of the content of the Science of Mind.  The statement above could have been written by the Master Mind Jesus as He demonstrated  this awareness in His work.  The key words in this statement are "unlimited, differentiated and appropriation."  Most of us understand what the words mean and all of us are differentiating and appropriating ...... to some measure.  Where we fall short is in the demonstration of "unlimited."  Too many of us fail to release the "limitations" and appropriate from the "unlimited."

               Each and every one of us can "appropriate" more than we currently have in our experience; more Love, more Wisdom and more Power.  It is all available waiting for us to "appropriate" it. 

To understand this, we can take electricity as an example.  Most of us take electricity for granted and it would be difficult for us to imagine life without it ... that would mean no television, no air-conditioning, no heating for some and the list of what we would have to live without if electricity had not been discovered could go on and on.  But......... electricity has always been available ... even back in the Stone Age... but the awareness of it was not ... just like our awareness of the "unlimited essence of Love, Wisdom, and Power."  And, as long as we continue to allow ideas and thoughts of limitation to occupy our consciousness, we will not discover much more than we have right now.

               We must "loose" all "limited" ideas about Love, Wisdom and Power from our consciousness if we are to find our bliss.  We must stop trying to "bind" the Infinite to our "limitations."  Whatever Good we can imagine for ourselves we are capable of demonstrating because God is our capability.  Dr. Holmes refers to this "Indwelling Presence" as the power within .... God's Power, Wisdom and Love within each of us.  The Master Mind Jesus referred to It as the "Father Within."  As we become in tune with this Presence and Power Within, we are in Tune with the Infinite ....... but our limited thoughts and ideas will place us "out of tune" in no time if we allow them to.  That which is ours comes to us through our conscious appropriation and will be unique to us .... it's ours!  Sometimes how our Good is differentiated will surprise us and also make a demand on us to be willing to be different than we've ever been ... but that makes it exciting and wonderful!

              Let's not allow ourselves to be convinced that we are part of the mindless mediocrity that is so prevalent in the world today ... this only separates us from God, from our Greatness.  As Shakespeare stated, "this above all, to thine own self be true."  Let's BE TRUE to What We Are and not let Who We Were or Who We've Been, What We've Thought......... ALL THAT STUFF ...... dictate the direction of our life.  Let's begin to appropriate more and more in our mind of the greatest and the best that life has to offer.  Let's begin to create the realization within our consciousness that Life never fails us...... when we open our mind to the Infinite.
 And So It Is! 

Living The Way To A Wonderful Life,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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