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Rev. Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (July 23, 2006)      

               " For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath." ... - The Master Mind Jesus [Matthew 13:12]

        Someone special to this ministry in Houston, Texas, requested that I write a message on tithing.  I don't think in the 7 years that I have been writing these weekly messages that I have written about tithing more than perhaps once before.  One of the reasons I have not written about tithing is that my belief and experience with tithing conflicts with many of those who teach tithing ... and I suppose it could be a little controversial to some.  Tithing is a method used to demonstrate "increase" in our financial prosperity.

      1) I will begin with the viewpoint that tithing is 10% of our income or money received.  Tithing, to be effective, must be scientific ... in other words it should be a percentage of income.  If we earn $1000.00 per week, our weekly tithe then is $100.00 at 10%.  If, in the next week our earnings increase to $1500.00 for the week, our weekly tithe becomes $150.00 at 10% ... simple.  We all understand this.  But, let's use the same scenario with a 5% tithe.  The first week the tithe is $50.00 and the second week the tithe is $75.00 ... it is mathematic and scientific ... and it reflects the increase the same as a 10% tithe.  To believe that tithing has to be 10% is superstitious and unscientific.  The purpose of tithing is to focus our mind on our income and to "fix" in our mind that our consciousness has the power to determine whether our earnings increase, decrease or remains the same.  Any percentage that we use will create this demonstration if practiced consistently and consciously.  Tithing is not supposed to create financial struggle or sacrifice ... this is nonsense ... it is to enhance our life and increase our prosperity.  We should choose a percentage that allows us to feel good about what we are giving ... "the Lord loves a joyful giver."  If we are feeling burdened by our tithe ... we won't feel the joyful-ness of it.

      2) Secondly, most of us have been taught, or we have read, that we are to tithe to the place where we receive spiritual enrichment ... our church, synagogue, or spiritual center.  But, I believe that this is inherently wrong.  The Master Mind Jesus taught that we are to keep the things between us and God between us and God ... in other words, do not let the right hand know what the left hand is doing.  To tithe to a single place often results in others knowing the amount of our tithe ... and in some cases, when the tithe is a large amount, it can create undue attention and a distraction from the purpose of tithing.  I have even read of churches that publish the names of their large donors in their newsletters and one that I know of went so far as to have a special banquet for them.  None of this is metaphysical.  And I have found that many of the churches and spiritual centers that teach tithing, do not tithe themselves, creating an imbalance within the consciousness of the organization.  Making our tithes "specific" to a certain organization causes us to lose the spontaneity of who we choose to tithe to.  An authentic metaphysical teacher or organization will never ask this of its members any more than it would ask for membership dues or financial pledges ... these are not in Principle.  The Principle is demonstrated in freedom and liberty and memberships and financial pledges always come with rules and obligation ... not liberty.

     3) The Rabbi Jesus taught that the law is "give and be given to" ... and this simply means that we are to "give out" to the world in which we live.  And for most of us this "giving out" of our tithes is to organizations and programs that we want to see grow and expand their benefit to the world ... and this can include our churches, synagogues and spiritual centers ... but is not limited to them.  "Cast your bread upon the waters," is a wonderful way to look at tithing ... waters is plural ... and by spreading our tithes out to several recipients we are most likely never going to feel any obligation or undue attachment to the way in which the money is used ... and neither are we going to receive unnecessary attention for our tithes ... which may distract us from the Principle that we are demonstrating.

I recommend that everyone practices tithing ... it works and it is an effective way to align ourselves with God's nature ... Giving-ness.  All of nature multiplies what it is given and this Principle works for the individual, the group, the organization ... anyone who practices the Principle.  Tithing works ... and it is simple ... mathematical, and scientific.  Not only will we benefit financially from the practice of tithing ... we will increase our joy and happiness as well ... I guarantee it!

And So It Is!  

Maximum Love,
Rev. Bates

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