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RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses for July 24, 2011 

                       "Adopt a new attitude toward money, realizing that you are entitled to be richly compensated for your work, whether it be writing, teaching, gardening, or whatever.  Think of all the good you can do when money is circulating freely in your life. ... You can work very hard, but if you dislike money or criticize it, you will find yourself in want financially.  You do not make a god of money, but you realize that it is essential on this plane of existence.  You look to the real Source of wealth, which is God, and you know that as you turn to the Source it will turn to you and give you all the riches of life.  You do not worship a created thing, you worship the Creator.  Your expectation is from God, who giveth to all life breath and all things richly to enjoy.  ... The master key to disciplining the mind for money is to come to a clear-cut decision once and for all that God is the source of everything you see in the universe and that everything people have made came also out of the mind of God.  Believing this to be true, your affirmation for wealth will prove productive." - Dr. Joseph Murphy, Think Yourself Rich

     With the global economy seemingly challenged to be restored to even a modest financial strength, now is the time to strengthen our consciousness in order to rise above the collective thought of the masses who believe that their own personal financial health is dependent on out-side forces.  It takes faith and confidence to "swim against the tide" so to speak, especially in matters of finance.  So much of what comes to us from the Media is permeated with negative information about the economy.  Here in the United States there are heated discussions between members of our Congress and the White House as they work to raise the debt limit.  How much of this is played out in the personal lives of the people I don't know.  What I do know is that we all must look to our Source, G-d, and seek solutions to increase revenue in ways not realized before.  

     I like the motto:  "when the going gets tough, get creative!"  Since we all have the ability to use the infinite capacity of Creative Mind, we will find that as we turn to that Something which always knows what to do, we will find solutions that would otherwise escape our awareness.  Yet, so many people allow the ego-mind to rule and in doing so rely on past ideas and plans rather than realize that today's issues cannot be solved by yesterday's ideas, for G-d is always seeking to express something new through us.  

     There are definite ways in which we can use our mind to allow a greater abundance to be made manifest in our experiences.  The first, and most important, way in which to use our mind, is to establish a greater sense of self-confidence and self-approval.  We must approve of ourselves and in turn, believe in ourselves.  We must believe that we are worthy and deserving of more money or whatever good we desire to experience.  There is no difference between people who are wealthy and people who are not, except for the way in which they hold an acceptance for themselves in their mind.  We don't need to concern ourselves about the conditions in which we find ourselves, for Principle [the Law of G-d] is not dependent upon conditions, only consciousness and we can develop the consciousness for anything.

     Once we have made the decision to be wealthy, we must cease giving our mind conflicting ideas about money and wealth.  Our mind will give to us what we give to it, but we must be intelligent in how we do this as I have learned from personal experience.  During the time I was taking ministerial training classes I worked in Beverly Hills as an independent contractor.  My background was in accounting but I shifted to creative work doing Internet marketing and web site design.  Finding myself with little work, I began to use an affirmation that was a modification of an Ernest Holmes affirmation for "good and more good."  I began affirming "work and more work is mine, an ever-increasing amount of work is mine."  I began to get really busy sometimes working until the wee hours of the morning, but I wasn't receiving enough money to meet my obligations.  Most people told me they liked my work but failed to pay full price or at all.  I did a web site for a Mexican boxer [I won't reveal his name] who really loved the work that I had done but he decided that he was good advertising for my work and therefore didn't need to pay me.  When I took down his web site he promised to both pay me and beat me up ... he did neither.  Things went along this way for a few months until I realized that my affirmation was missing an important element ... money.  I immediately began to affirm, "money and more money is mine, an ever-increasing amount of money is mine" ... and soon, I was able to meet all my obligations.  When we give to Mind [G-d Intelligence] what we want, we must be definite in how we direct our mind and the words that we use.  I soon learned that I could do much less actual work and receive much more money than I had previously demonstrated.

     All too often, even though we know that we have One Source, G-d, we fail to acknowledge this as the truth when we think of money.  Most people turn to their employers for more money or to credit companies.  We fail to realize that with G-d there is no "credit limit" or "maximum compensation for our pay-grade" ... with G-d there are no limits or limitations.  We can wear ourselves out working and still be broke, in debt, and miserable.

     Our ego will oftentimes resist our faith in a Power Greater than us.  The Master Mind Jesus taught that "it is the Father that doeth the work, the Father works and then I work."  And in this statement, we realize that we must "turn completely to G-d, Principle" and away from ideas that come only from the knowledge of the world or past experiences.  We must be willing to hold to this Principle until we prove the power of it in our experience.  Once we have done so, we will find a great peace and joy in knowing that we can always depend on it. 
"You look to the real Source of wealth, which is God, and you know that as you turn to the Source it will turn to you and give you all the riches of life," wrote Dr. Murphy, and this is the truth for each and every one of us.

     The radical Jesus said, "I have come to tell you that you can have life and have it more abundantly." Let's follow the words of Jesus and believe this for ourselves.  We can have a workable faith in the creative law of Mind and demonstrate these words of Jesus for ourselves, now.  Let us affirm these words and establish them as the truth in our mind; "I am here to live and to enjoy the abundant life, now!"


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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