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Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates 
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                  "Unless we become the living embodiment of love and light, we shall have no justification in saying that God is love and light.  Unless we use the freedom we have without abusing it, we shall have no justification in saying that man [woman] is master of his [her] own soul, the creator of [her] his own destiny, and the arbiter of [her] his own fate. - Dr. Ernest Holmes, excerpted from "Hearts Full of Fire" published in Science of Mind magazine January, 1991 (modified)

      When we pray, meditate, contemplate, read spiritual literature, or just sit in the silence of our mind, we are co-mingling our mind with the Spirit of G-d that is within us.  These spiritual practices all work to develop our consciousness, that is our awareness of our unity with G-d.  It is easy for most of us to know that we are unified with the Spirit of Life intellectually, especially in the privacy of our prayers and meditations.  And this is wonderful and good, but we can't let these precious moments of prayer cease to move through us as we go about our experiences in daily living.  In the scripture we can read this powerful instruction:  "pray without ceasing" ... and some will tell us that this means that our thoughts are prayers and so we are in fact praying without ceasing all day long ... and there is some truth in this ... but there is something more that we are capable of ... and that is bringing our prayers into our every conversation, every action and every interaction with others that we have in our lives.

     Dr. Holmes writes that "unless we become the living embodiment of love and light, we shall have no justification in saying that God is love and light" ... and in this, I believe, he is referring to love as an action and a reaction, and light, spiritually, is intelligence.  This love and this light is within us ... we were born with them ... they are part of our soul.  Yet, we have been taught to repress both with instructions to be humble and meek when in truth the more love and light we express the more of G-d within us we are expressing.  It is not enough for us to say we love everyone, we must express this love in whatever way we are called to express it ... perhaps with compassion, with understanding, or perhaps just to harm no one by either our words, thoughts or actions.  Whenever we speak the truth, or think the truth, about anyone, and know that there is a power within them, a strength greater than their physical conditions or circumstances, we identify even more with that power which is within us too, and we are strengthened in our faith.  This not only expresses love, but intelligence as well for we are identifying with the Intelligence of the Infinite which is available to all and in all. 

            "You, the reader, know that you exist.  This knowing you exist is God.  What you are aware of is your concept of God.  Each man [woman] must ask [herself] himself, "What am I aware of?"  The answer to this question is his [her] belief about God.  It is what [she] he knows about God.  When he [she] says, "I am aware of want.  I am fearful.  I am sick," these are lies and have no truth in them.  When man [woman] says, "I am fearful," he [she] is saying God is full of fear which is nonsensical.  When [she] he says, "I am in want," [she] he is relating a lie and a denial of God's abundance and infinite supply.  His [her] faith is a failure, and he [she] succeeds in being a failure.  He [she] believes in a lie, but he [she] cannot prove the lie.  The false condition seems real as long as he [she] dwells on it.  When he [she] ceases to believe it, he [she] is free and healed." - Dr. Joseph Murphy, Supreme Mastery of Fear, pg. 24 (modified)

     Dr. Murphy is very direct about the words that we speak that hold us in bondage to lack and limitation, sickness and other maladies of the world.  When we speak, we are speaking from our consciousness.  If we let ourselves entertain thoughts of lack and financial struggle, we will develop what is referred to as a "poverty consciousness" ... but, in truth, this is an illusion created by the entertaining of false ideas in our mind ... we are an expression of G-d and G-d has no awareness of poverty or lack for It can only be aware of the infinite abundance available to us all.  As we speak words that affirm that which we know as the truth ... that which perhaps momentarily is only present in the Un-Seed Side of Life, we draw good to us.  As Dr. Murphy states, false conditions seem real only as long as we dwell on them ... as we direct our attention to that good which we desire, the false will fade away.

     We have learned from the science of mind and the Master Mind Jesus how to pray, how to sit in the silence of our mind, how to turn to G-d for every good thing we can imagine for ourselves ... and so we know that it is now time to pay attention to the thoughts that come to our awareness and the words that we speak.  We can lift up our awareness to a greater good at any time.  We just must make the conscious effort to become more aware of the un-seen good than we are of the limited good that is visible to us.  

     When the Master Mind Jesus stated, "all that the Father hath is mine" ... he wasn't just speaking to that which has been made visible but to the infinite good that has yet to be made manifest.  It is very important that we understand this.  As we learn to think from the awareness of infinite abundance and infinite good, in both the seen and the un-seen, and speak of this awareness, we draw more and more good into our experience.  Let us now pay attention to our thoughts and words and align them with the good desires that we seek to experience for ourselves and others, beginning right now, right where we are.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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