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Weekly Message for Sunday, July 27, 2003

                     I spent quite some time on the telephone this week with a client talking about moving through an experience of financial lack and indebtedness.  One of the biggest challenges to moving beyond financial lack is to overcome our ego ... not the ego that is arrogant, but the ego that is ashamed, embarrassed, and self-defeating.  Now, I am not writing about a general case of financial lack ... someone who wants to move into a larger house and wants new ideas on how to make more money ... I am writing about a woman who did not have laundry money and had to wear clothes again that needed to be laundered.  This woman felt extremely humiliated, distraught and defeated.  This incident was one of many unpleasant and uncomfortable experiences she had gone through for awhile.

          I approached this case in a two-fold way.  I gave her the statement from Jesus, "he who has much will have even more and he who has little will have even less."  I explained to her that we must move from these feelings of defeat and distress as quickly as possible ... even if the only thing we can think to be grateful for is that we can still wiggle our toes.  We must not surrender to lack .. not for any longer than it takes to think our next thought.  The thoughts of lack and the feelings of humiliation, embarrassment and defeat will attach us to lack and we will have even less.  Jesus' statement can be restated as, "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer," for this is the Truth.  The Rich In Spirit will amass more of whatever Good they desire for themselves and others  and the Poor In Spirit may even lose what little they have.

        Those of us who realize the Truth know that we move from the experiences that we do not want by feeding our Sub-conscious Mind new concepts and beliefs ... we do this through our "feeling nature" and through affirmation.  We must use our "Conscious Mind" to turn from that which we do not want to that which we want ... ALL IS DONE IN MIND.   This is the Truth that Jesus taught and that all the Great Mystics understood and realized.  We must not fail to "consciously" change out thinking as quickly as possible when these ideas and thoughts of distress, humiliation and so forth enter our mind.  We must take charge of the situation by immediately speaking to the Truth of the situation and knowing that on the Invisible Side of Life, the Infinite Invisible Goodness, God ... is moving us into a greater experience of "rich-ness" than our human senses may hold witness to.  We don't deny gravity ... yet we cannot "see" gravity ... yet .. many of us will continue to deny the Invisible Good even when we know that our thoughts and feelings are attaching us more firmly to the problem.

        Think about what it would "feel" like to have to drive a 1962 Chevy that rattled and shake when you started it and left a dark cloud of smoke behind you when you drove through your neighborhood.  See yourself noticing your neighbors looking at you while you are driving this crash-test reject vehicle with the rusty hood and bald tires.... what do you imagine you would feel like?

        Now, think of yourself getting into this same 1962 Chevy knowing that you are driving to the dealer to purchase the finest of luxury or sports car that you could imagine for your self ... would any of those feelings that you felt before be part of this new scenario ... I don't think so.  This is what it is like when we are using Scientific Prayer or Treatment ... we may be in the 1962 Chevy physically ... but mentally and emotionally we are on the way to the dealership to pick up the new car.  Prayer or Treatment is what we use to "convince" ourselves of the Truth ... that we "receive what we ask for" ... by knowing that on the Invisible Side Of Life ... It Is Already Present.  


 And So It Is! 
Letting Love Use Me In Its Own Good Way,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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