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Weekly Message for Sunday, July 28, 2002 
"..... when one is definitely changing from the average man's way of thinking,
 he knows that he must expect
 to exert a special effort at first,
in changing the context
 of his thought."
 -  Holmes & Kinnear,
Practical Application of the Science of Mind 

                    Dr. Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science, and Willis Kinnear wrote from the perspective of understanding that our thinking produces results ... positive results if that is the trend of our thinking or negative results if the trend of our thinking is negative.  This philosophy of Religious Science is truly a re-statement of the scripture, "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee," in other words if our mind is focused on God, on the Good, we will find our peace in all things that concern us.

              "Instead of dwelling on negative thoughts, cause your mind to dwell on peace and joy," urged Dr. Holmes.  "Have the will to be well, to be happy, and to live in joy... As you discover your daily good, and believe in it, and think about it, expect it to continue," he stated.

                  These statements are written from the realization of great Truth and Dr. Holmes was absolutely convinced of this.  And why not, changing our thinking changes our life ....... because our thinking creates our beliefs and as the Master Mind Jesus stated, "it is done unto you as you believe."  But most of us fail to consistently believe in the Good.  We fail to consistently believe that we are a point of expression of the Divine.  Too often, we allow our experiences to dictate our beliefs, about ourselves, about others and about God.  We don't want to look beyond the "appearances" because we have not cultivated a true faith in God's willingness to supply us with the Good that we desire.  I cannot imagine anything beyond what I know ... that is the truth, so if I don't cultivate a greater faith in the Great Unseen (God), I cannot experience anything greater than what I have experienced.  Not that God doesn't want me to have a higher and greater Good, but because my inability, my unwillingness to exert the effort to change that which I know, keeps my Good away from me.

                 We must stop blocking our Good from unfolding in our lives.  We must cease these mindless beliefs in a God separate and apart from ourselves.  This is denying this "Indwelling Presence" and separating ourselves from the Good Life.  We must cultivate a great faith that "He is closer to us than breathing," for we are One with God - One.  Not separate and apart - do we deny that gravity surrounds us, maintains our equilibrium? - do we deny the power of gravity? - of course we don't.  But we can't see gravity and most of us take it for granted - but whether we recognize gravity or not, gravity keeps doing what it is the nature of gravity to do.  No one can deny this.  But, we deny God over and over again as we talk about our pains, our lack and limitations, our weaknesses, our blames and our shames - we give God all these reports of how Life is not good and then we whine and complain, beg and cry for God to give us the Good.  But God will not let us take what we do not give - if we want joy, happiness and prosperity ... we must express these attributes consistently rather than their opposites.  God does not know that we are foolish enough to ask for that which we do not want .... and we ask for what we do not want each time we repeat the thoughts that express the words that create the beliefs that-sustain-that-which-we-do-not-want.

            We must give God our thoughts and words of joy, love, happiness, confidence, peace and power.  We must acknowledge that God Is Good and that All of Life Is Good and Very Good.  We must affirm boldly to ourselves that the Universe supports us in the Good at all times, richly and abundantly!  This acknowledgement we must give to God ... and then God will return it to us multiplied abundantly ... for God is the exceedingly Good .......for God's nature is Love ... and God, just like gravity, is always doing that which is God's nature to do .... Divine Love's Nature Is To Give ... and Love always gives us precisely what we ask for .... Love never questions ... 
What a Wonderful Thing Love Is!  
 And So It Is! 

Living The Way To A Wonderful Life,
Henry Lee Bates                          

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