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RevBates.tv Global - The Way to a Wonderful Life Message, July 29, 2012 

         "Mystics, however, discuss the soul with disregard for logic, consistency, or concern about agreement with any accepted system.  This is because a mystic "experiences" other realities and therefore has no doubt regarding their existence.  Moreover, because these realities are not completely disconnected from the material reality we see in front of our eyes, the conclusion is clear; some aspect of our material world mediates between realities.  Thus, we could say that the soul is a medium that dissolves boundaries of consciousness." - GOD IS A VERB, Kabbalah and the practice of mystical judaism, rabbi david a. cooper

         "I and the Father are one" - Jesus, The Gospel of John 10:30,  "Jesus was a dominant personality; He was the most triumphant person who ever lived because He had discovered His true nature, that part of Him which was rooted in pure Spirit, and revealed the strength and the power and the peace of this invisible Presence which we call God." - Ernest Holmes, The Philosophy Of Jesus ... for the World Today, compiled and edited by Willis Kinnear

       I believe that each of us have the opportunity every day to realize something more about our relationship to Life and to our Creator.  Far too many people fail to go beyond their religion or spiritual beliefs that they are comfortable with and seek to realize a greater awareness of who we are and what life holds for us.  Attending a church service on Sunday or following spiritual gurus will only get us so far.  At some point in our spiritual unfoldment, we must free ourselves from what we have learned and what we have learned from others, and open our soul to the Spirit that seeks to impart to us that which is unique to our life experience.  Emerson stated, "that which I am to do best, only my Maker can teach me" and this is as true for you and me as it was for him.

     Now, does this mean we abandon our church, synagogue, mosque or spiritual center? No one can answer this question for us because no one else can know whether these things are stifling our discovery of our soul's yearning for greater fulfillment.  Jesus understood that the knowledge of the past was important ... to a point ... but that at some point as we open ourselves to the Spirit, Power and Intelligence of G-d, we must evolve what we have learned from the sages and the mystics and begin our own mystical journey.  Jesus disturbed the most highly respected religious leaders of His time when He stated:  "I and the Father are one" ... and in this, He was declaring His "conscious union" with G-d, something that each of us can do every day of our life, if we will just begin to do it without seeking validation for doing it from anyone but our own sweet soul as it surrenders to the Spirit that embraces us.  Does this mean that we must eschew the material life?  No, but we must begin to dwell in the silence of our mind and begin to develop an attraction to the Un-Seen Side of Life and all the gifts of the Spirit, as being more important than what we may possess or lack in the material.

We can begin this spiritual seeking by reading the Book of Psalms in the Holy Bible ... one at a time; i.e. 23rd Psalm, 91st Psalm.  According to the wonderful teacher, Jack Addington, "the Psalms, more than any other part of the Bible, interpret themselves.  There is so much feeling in them that they communicate themselves to the feeling nature rather than to the analytical mind (intellect). ... in considering the Psalms, it is essential to think of them as poetry, such musical poetry that one feels at once that they should be sung, not read.  It is absolutely impossible to take them literally." Thomas Troward was particularly attracted to the Psalms.  In his opinion, these one hundred fifty pieces of beautiful prose poetry give reflection to every mood of mankind, from the depths of sadness to the spirit of the triumphal conclusion: "Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.  Praise ye the Lord."

The reading of the Psalms can begin our discovery of our "conscious union with G-d" and provide for us a foundation of being open and receptive to the mystical life ... that which is realized deeper within our soul than anything we have ever experienced before.  But, the Psalms are not the only mystical writings we can read, but for many of us, they provide us a reference point that we can identify with.  To realize the "mystical life" we do not divorce ourselves from the world in which we live, but instead, begin to consciously realize that the material world is just one fragment of the Whole of Life.  The greatest of science, religion and mysticism, know that the universe in which we live is not constant but ever-changing and expanding.  And that which is true on the universal level is also true on the individual level.  Yet, we are not always "conscious" that this is true for us and in this not being conscious of it, we can find ourselves experiencing depression or lack of enthusiasm for the future.

     In the Master Mind Jesus' "conscious union with G-d" He realized that the "ultimate Power" is in the Spirit, not in the world.  And even though He did not defy the physical laws of the world, His realization that there is a Power greater than the physical, offered Him a new way in which to "use" these laws.  Religions and even spiritual teachings have failed to teach the absolute importance of this "conscious union" with G-d that takes us in mind and in faith  beyond the material world, because the focus has been on effects ... that which we do, rather than that which "we are" ... to be filled with the joy of the Spirit is not enough ... to be filled with the peace of the Spirit is not enough ... or to be filled with the love of the Spirit is not enough ... we must be filled with an absolute belief in the Power, Presence and Intelligence of the Spirit ever-present in the universe and right where we are ... and always available to respond to us, by corresponding to that which we believe to be true for us.

        And lastly, let us not make this "mystical life" complex or "airy-fairy"  or "occult-ish" but as normal and natural in our mind as Jesus and Isaiah and all the authors of the Psalms did. It is normal and natural for us to be in "conscious union" with our Creator, with G-d Power, Spirit and Intelligence ... always and in all ways.


Keep the faith!
Rev. Dr. Henry Lee Bates

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