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Rev. Bates - Archived Messages

RevBates.tv Global - Weekly Message To The Masses (July 30, 2006)      

               " Spiritual unity is always followed by actual or personal unity; that is, what we enter into conscious possession of in the spiritual life we will, ere long, gain actual possession of in the physical life.  Believe that you have already received in the spirit what you desire to receive in the person, and you will receive it in the person in a very short time.  This is a law that positively cannot fail.  Claim your own in the ideal world and you will receive your own in the real world." ... - Christian D. Larson, The Pathway of Roses

      The "key" words in the statement above are "already received in the spirit."  Whatever we enter into the "spirit" of becomes ours.  And to take this statement to another level, this means that whenever we "feel" the "joy, peace, love, confidence and happiness" of ownership or completion ... it is ours to experience.  Simply affirming or praying without the additional action in mind to get into the spirit of the thing is not enough.

     We have been created as individualized expressions of Infinite Spirit, God ... and It desires to be expressed through us, as us.  But Spirit is not expressed through our lack of interest or enthusiasm for the things in our lives.  We must develop interest and enthusiasm for our work, our relationships, our homes, our families, and all things that concern us in our experience of Life.  In scripture we can read, "He perfects that which concerneth me" ... the "He" that perfects the things, conditions and circumstances in our lives, is the "God-within" each and every one of us.  

     There is no big guy God in the sky that is going to do it ... nor is there anyone or anything outside of us that will do it ... it is an inside job ... perfected by the God-within as we "choose" to be more interested, more enthusiastic about our life conditions.  We can't look to Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, or any gurus to do that which must be done within our own mind ... and that is to accept, in faith, that we have the ability, the intelligence and the faith necessary to move through all seeming obstacles or obstructions and claim that which is ours.

    It is the Father's good pleasure to give us the kingdom ... the Master Mind Jesus stated ... but God cannot give to us what we refuse to accept.  This acceptance is done in mind ... from a consciousness of deserving and through the action of mind ... this action in mind is to choose to accept our Good ... and to continue choosing it until it is made manifest or demonstrated in the physical.

    When we realize what it is that we want, then we must honestly determine if we have interest and enthusiasm for it.  Success or prosperity without interest or enthusiasm is short-lived ... or at least very temporary.  Enthusiasm and interest are "of the spirit" and as we have interest and enthusiasm for a thing we will be persistent in seeking it, whatever it may be.  And along with this interest and enthusiasm will come faith ... and even greater faith still as we remain steadfast and immovable toward the results of our prayers and treatments.

    From Christian D. Larson: 
"To realize that we are one with God, in spirit and in truth, is to realize that we are also one with the life, the divinity and the perfection of God; and therefore we are as God is; what is in God is in us; we live the same life that It lives, and since there can be no imperfection in Its life, there can be no imperfection in our life ... in the spirit." 

It is a bold and beautiful thing to understand and realize that we can actualize God in our experiences.  We do this through developing in our mind a recognition for what gains our interest and enthusiasm the most. 
Every aspect of our life; work, relationships, home, health and family, can all be enjoyed and experienced to a more expansive measure, if we develop a greater interest and enthusiasm for them.  This "getting in the spirit" of the thing will attract to us ideas, opportunities and the awareness to a greater degree than ever before.  Each of these aspects of our life will begin to reflect back to us the love, joy, confidence and happiness that we feel for them ... today and every day.

And So It Is!  

Maximum Love,
Rev. Bates

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