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The Way to a Wonderful Life Message for July 30, 2017


            This past few weeks I have found my mind filled with many conflicting thoughts about Christians.  My intention each day is to not allow negativity to dominate my thoughts about anything or anyone.  Yet, when I read in the Media reports of what "some" Christians leaders are doing in this country it is difficult to overcome the negative thoughts that come to me as a natural consequence.  There are thousands of Christian sects in the world so it would be wrong on many levels to think negatively of Christianity as a whole.  However, "some" of  the American Christian leaders seem to be the ones most willing to debase the teachings of Jesus in order to further their religious/political agendas. 

           I have come to believe that the "Course in Miracles" ... a teaching that most Christian leaders would say is not Christian ... is more in tune with the philosophy of Jesus than those teachings that claim to be Christian.  Here is some evidence of this fact:
1.  It teaches a lot about Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God the Father.|
2.  It talks frequently about certain teachings that are found in the Bible.
3.  It focuses a lot on the fundamental Christian idea of forgiveness.
4.  It guides us to have a very personal relationship with Jesus.
5.  It teaches us how to communicate with the Holy Spirit.
6.  It encourages us to pray and teaches us how to do it.

            Now, I am not advocating for the "Course in Miracles" but I do believe that most Christians would benefit from the study of this body of work if they truly want to understand the profound spiritual teachings of Jesus.  However, I doubt very seriously if most Christians would consider doing so.  One of the most powerful "tools" of religious leaders is to "hold" their congregations to their own "sect's teachings" and the Catholic Church teaches that it is a "menial sin" to read anything that contradicts Catholicism. Even the very popular Joel Osteen makes a declaration after each of his presentations for his audience to hold to the false idea that Jesus is our savior.  On the surface this may not seem so bad but in truth it is a continuous perpetuation of the false ideas about Jesus that have kept the faithful from truly realizing who the man they worship truly was.

For the love of Jesus wouldn't one think that Christians would have a passion for knowledge of Jesus?  To know who he truly was?  To know what he was truly trying to teach us?  Jesus the healer, the peacemaker the radical, the revolutionary?  Who is he to those who claim that he is their savior and who ridiculously declare that he died for their sins?  There is rarely any of the "truth that sets us free" in most of the Christian sermons heard on Sunday mornings.

          Unless and until we can impress upon our mind that the "kingdom of G-d is within us" and the truth that the "kingdom of heaven is at hand" ... teachings that reflect the love of Jesus for mankind ... will we ever realize the "Christ" that gives us the strength to do all things that we desire to accomplish.  This "Christ" is the Spirit, Intelligence and Power of G-d within each and every one of us ... this truth is not gained through religion, but through a passion to be in tune with the Infinite; a passion to truly understand the philosophy of Jesus; and a passion to "be in the world but not of the world".  For the love of Jesus' willingness to stand for this truth ... to surrender to this truth ... should be an inspiration to all of mankind!

And so it is!

Rev. Henry Bates

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